Thursday, December 19, 2013

Third Blogiversary!


Can you believe it? 
On December 15th, we completed our third year of blogging! 
I am so thankful to have wonderful e-friends and frequent visitors to our beloved little island.  I appreciate the comments and encouragement just as much as the unspoken accountability you guys bring into my life.  You have become an integral piece in my family's life puzzle and you have made my crazy roller coaster life seem normal.  You've cried with me, laughed at me, celebrated life milestones and holidays along the way... You have become this girl's e-family.  One who probably knows more about our everyday life than some friends... NOT because I am holding information but because I know you can appreciate little things that never come up in "normal" conversation, lol.
See, this is my second blog.  The first was an online repository for my fiction pieces, poetry and chronicles of my hilarious life at the time (12 years ago).  12 years? OMG! I was "blogging" before it was even called blogging!
I learned from my mistakes and wanted to do something totally different when I steered my little ship towards the island.  I thought long and hard about the perfect name and I never looked back!  Now, I can't quit my job to blog for the income it generates (yet - LOL) and I can't say I care much about my blog's readership numbers (though, it is one of the awesome perks). I can, however, offer some quick tips for those who are interested in having a high quality life as a blogger.
1. Blog about what you love.  What do you spend hours researching online? What are you passionate about?  What are you good at?  What is your hobby?  If you LIKE it, you can write about it. 
2.  Get personal.  Your readers want to know you.  Sure, people will visit your blog for innovative ideas and current events (or to just be nosey) but you will build a residual readership when you offer them a piece of you... Don't be afraid to show your personality.  Find your voice and use it to tell YOUR story.
3.  Don't get too technical.  Here's the biggest challenge with blogging.  Writing in such a way that you don't sound robotic or boring so people are INTERESTED enough to continue reading.  Don't get stuck on proper English; make your blog feel like a conversation. 
4. Proofread.  There's a difference between conversational English and grammatical errors.  Write your posts. Read your posts.  Read them again.  Then publish them.  Your blog should have your voice but you don't want to sound dumb.
5.  Enjoy it.  Blogs are not easy.  You can quickly lose motivation to write.  When your blog becomes work, stop.  Regroup and find the fun.  Then get back to it!  Someone somewhere will be waiting.
There are other tips like have a great site design and post quality photos but I'll share more specifics at a later time.  Right now, it's time to celebrate!!!
Islanders, Fabulous Island would not be the same without you! 
Wanna see where it all started? Check out the Inaugural Post here!

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