Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Big Girl Room [New] Artwork

Whata gwan?
That's Islander speak for, "what's going on?" 
Pronounced: whut-ah-gwon? 
Yep, bet you didn't think you'd get a lesson today, huh?!
Well, I know I shared a tutorial yesterday but not today. I just want to show the artwork progress in the Big Girl room.
I found a fabulous canvas in Hobby Lobby.  They were having a sale so I got it for $25 (that's 50% off)!!

It had all of the colors I wanted (shades of turquoise, pink and yellow) AND it was a fun print that could grow with Munchface or transition into another room (mom cave, helloooo!!).

One of the challenges in Munch's room is the angled ceilings; they really make a large room appear to have minimal wall space.  I was bummed because I've been collecting pieces, frames and things I love.  I even made my gift bag artwork because, well, we have a large room for all this stuff, right?
I hung a painting on either side of the closet.
Can you see those vaulted ceilings? I mean, they're a great architectural detail but they're also a pain in my picture-hanging hind parts.
In my original gift bag artwork post (here), I didn't get to show the larger piece in the frame.  I am pleased with how it turned out:

Do you see her little dresser top?  I straight-pinned (it's not glued) the pleated ribbon around the base of the lampshade to cover the ugly on/off switch (a sign my lamp shade was too short for the lamp).  The lamp was a thrifty find ($2.90) and these cuties:

... just an integral tweet piece to the room's design.  Without thinking, I've incorporated birds throughout the space.  I just love the fat princess bird (it's a bank from TJMaxx and it only cost $3 on clearance!!); she makes my heart sing!

The photo above shows how her pink ceiling makes the pinks in the paintings really pop.  I'm happy with how it's coming together and I hope you'll come back because I've got a fun little project to share!

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