Friday, May 30, 2014

No Business Like Bow Business

I started this blog years ago with the intent of sharing tutorials for my crafts.  At the time, I was obsessed with making hair bows for a few reasons:

Hubbs bombed a photo of the baby headbands I mailed to a friend.

- To eliminate confusion of whether the child in my stroller (the one with a pink dress, ruffle socks and a pink bow) was a girl

My very first headband tutorial!

- To save my dollars because hair bows are VERY expensive

Cupcake bow I made.

- To ensure Munch had the latest and greatest bows for every outfit

Munch modeling a headband I made!

I shared bows with other moms, I shared tutorials on this here fabulous little island, I even hosted Munch's bow-tique party where I made 100+ bows, remember?

The bow buffet with the headbands, hair bows and gifts at Munch's 5th birthday.

We love bows! So much so that, when I learned my god baby was going to be a girl, I hosted a Ruffles & Bows baby shower!

The bow making station at god baby's shower.

Then, it stopped.  God baby didn't make it.  Our hearts were crushed.  Bows immediately became a subtle reminder of my precious god baby and, rather than inspire me to try something new, they gave me knots in my throat.

I didn't make bows. I had no desire to make bows.  As a matter of fact, I packed up my ribbons and Munch survived with what she had.  I was done.  DONE.

Just-about a year later, on a phone call with Sheena, she mentioned ordering new hair bows for DatMyHoney.  Without thinking, I volunteered to make some.  The day after our conversation, I caught a flight for work-related travel.  Islanders, I sat in silence in my hotel room and I made hair bows for the first time in a LONG time.  Without any negative thoughts or knots in my throat, I made pretty little bows for DatMyHoney.

Me and my hot glue gun reacquainted ourselves with ribbon.

I played with new materials like paper:

Crafting was therapeutic.  It was happening!  I felt like I was getting back to my old *bow-making* self.

I delivered my pretties to Sheena and she matched them up with adorable little outfits.  Check out some of my work (yes, Sheena, I stole pics of your tinytot #sorrynotsorry):

Isn't she yummy?! Isn't she adorable?  It's awesome watching her grow-up... counted as a privilege to share in her little life...  Sheena never knew that our conversation about headbands pushed me back into the swing of things... After DatMyHoney's bows, I made more bows... even hosting an impromptu craft night with Sherry where I shared some quick tutorials.  Together, we made Valentine's bows for Munch's playdate:

Aren't they awesome?!  I've ventured out and made a few small clippies but I forgot my kid is older and no longer interested in most of the clippies:

From Top Left - lipstick, owl, Doc McStuffins, ballerina, Hello Kitty

I plan to share tutorials for all of the bows above but I wanted to re-introduce myself first.

My name is Tabby.  I make bows.  Again.

I'm considering launching my shop again.  Talk about progress!


Is there something you once loved to do but haven't in quite awhile?  Together, let's get back to finding our happy!

Cheers to a HAPPY Friday!


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