Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thrifty Thursdays - Artwork on the Cheap

I love thrifty thrills!  I've shared my adoration for clearance racks, antique shops, thrift malls/stores, yard sales, coupons and more.
Just call me…


Yes, it's all one word.  Yes, I made it up.  No, it's not on my resume. Yet. 

In the case of the big girl room, I've been picking up cute frames here-and-there.  While I have been able to collect quite a few, I didn't have any coordinating artwork to put inside.  Basically, I've just got frames all over the place... a tub of frames and mirrors from the old house... a few frames on top of the armoire… additional frames in the garage… I feel like they're all over the place and I justify purchasing them because I feel like frames can always find a home on a wall some where.  Who cares that I over think where and, more times than not, I regret my decision immediately after the holes are in the wall.

I told you this week that I was going to make decisions in Munch's room and I meant it.

On a recent post-Valentine's Day stroll through Target, I was excited to discover the Spring collections had arrived.  Bathing suits, towels, Easter dresses and… gift bags.

Yes, gift bags.

IDK why but this season's colors caught my eye.  They were beautiful.  The kind of beautiful that makes you wish you had a reason to buy a gift bag.  I stood there staring at the bags trying to think of a way to use them… I thought of Munch's room and it hit me.

I could totally use the bags as artwork!

I didn't think of HOW but I picked two of my favorite bags and figured if it didn't work out, I was only out *like* six bucks.

Here's how I did it:

1.  Remove the ribbon handles.  To avoid tearing the bag, cut the ribbon rather than attempting to pull it from the bag.

2. Cut the bag to size for the frame. 

3. Place your piece of bag/art in frames.

4.  Enjoy the cheapest decor *like* ever!

I can't wait to hang them in her room; they really look like frikkin' paintings! The colors coordinate perfectly and, now that I know the bags work perfect for artwork, I will be sure to head back for MORE bags.

The possibilities are endless! Think about it, there are great gift bags everywhere!

Once I finish this 3-D artwork project that I have in mind, I'll be ready to finish the collage and finalize where things will hang in her room.

Progress people, progress :)


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