Monday, May 5, 2014

Guest Room #2 Update

I survived a beautiful event-filled weekend.  Stay tuned for updates later this week.  Right now, I have to finally share something that's been driving me crazy these past few weeks.
Ok, so.  Remember my guest room #2 plan?  The one where I shared the color combo and design concept (here)?  Yea... well, weeks ago, I got a phone call that changed my life from Sheena.  She was in Target and called to tell me Carol's Daughter was OFFICIALLY sold at Target. 
I was just at Target the day before... looking for hair stuff... so, I know my location did not have it before that day.  Armed with the news, I felt like I was a member of a secret society so I hurried to my Target (we were out of our Black Vanilla spray anyway).  She was right AND the products were cheaper in Target ($2.00 less) - say whaaaaat?!
Hmm, if Carol's Daughter was snuck into the building while I slept my night away, I wondered what else Target put out without my knowledge.  You guessed it! I had to stroll the ENTIRE store - every aisle, every department every-- what the?! Something caught my eye from afar:

I needed to get closer. Is that?
Are those nautical themed items in coral and navy?!
Yes.  Yes, Tabitha, they are.
O, be still, my heart.
I felt like Target, as usual, was reading my mind. I was JUST saying I needed to find quality and affordable décor pieces for my room.  I have the main concept but I wanted to get the little things that would make a statement and tie it all together.
I took these photos and shared them with Hubbs later that evening.  I just knew he would be all, "yea, babe.  Go ahead.  BUY WHATEVER YOU NEED!"
Islanders, the man wasn't buying it.  He said it was all nice but finishing that space doesn't make sense right now.  Ridiculous.  I know.  I pointed out the quality and price and accessibility our Target offers.  He responded that a good price would be free and until they offer that discount, "it ain't worth it."
Nope. Photos of the orbs, trays and baskets didn't work.
He really doesn't get it, right?!  Target reads my mind every time. I felt like I was not just ON trend but ahead of the trend with my color combo and design ideas.  I mean, if Target came a few weeks later with a collection tailored for my guest room #2, it's meant to be.
I'll wait it out... maybe complete smaller projects here and there... until I'm ready to bring in the bed. 
Who am I fooling?
This crab:
... is meant to be in my home. I'm buying HER (it's a girl... she told me).  I'll also purchase whatever I feel I need as SOON as a sale happens.  I've been checking bi-weekly since March, lol. 

Do you remember my original concept?

You can certainly read more details here.  Please wish me luck convincing the man to let me decorate a room we don't use and will serve as a back-up to another room.  :(
You know, I can't leave you on a low note so, I'll share a cool benefit to planning a room's design on the island.  My friends and family get to see the progress and send me things they know will work in my spaces.
On April 11, I got a text from Mom.  She was thrift shopping and saw this beauty:

She read my blog and knew I was striving to create a nautical room design.  She saw this HUGE painting and, guess what.
She bought it for me!  One of the best $9 anyone could spend.  I love it! 
Surely, you, my beloved Islanders, understand why I'm so excited to make some progress in a room we don't use, right?!
Please! For the love of home décor, go to Target and have a beautiful day!


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