Friday, May 16, 2014

A Pretty Spring Wreath Tutorial

Happy Friday, Islanders!
I've been talking about our Spring wreath for quite some time and, today, I'm finally sharing the deets!
First, I found my inspiration photo on etsy:
I. loved. it. 

- the color
- the fullness
- the classic yet unique design
- the moss
- the burlap
- the monogram letter
I. love. it! 
- I wanted more moss
- I wanted a different greenery (I've used the "beads" in the past and the extreme heat made the beads crack and caused the ugly white Styrofoam to show)
- I need a more masculine feel (less burlap and lace bow)
- I don't care for the monogram hanging in the center
My biggest issue? The PRICE!  $80+?!  I headed to Michael's Arts & Crafts for supplies.
I bought greenery in bunches and caught an awesome sale!  $15 total for greenery and $1 for the letter.
I mentioned earlier that I wanted more moss on the wreath... while on a trip to the wholesale floral supply, I spotted a fabulous moss wreath!  It was only $14 - sold!!
Rather than place bunches of greenery on the wreath, I cut each stem and placed them on the wreath to eyeball how I wanted it to look.

I posted the mock-up picture a few times on the blog:
Once I figured out the look I wanted, I hot glued the ends of each stem and poked them into place.
Rather than tie a bow, I tied the light burlap into a knot and glued the -K on top.

It was late when I finished but I had to hang it and see how I wanted it positioned.  I happy danced and squealed and sang and tooted my own horn... all for the Hubbs to see.
"Your WIFE IS AHH-MAZING, MAN!... YOU are sharing air with a genius!  THIS CHICK with THIS GLUE GUN?! MIRACLE WORKER!  HAVE I TOLD YOU--"
Hubbs:  I got it.  You're great.  Can you hush so one of us can watch this movie?
Isn't she lovely?  The best part of it all?  I made it and I made it for less than half of the price of my inspiration wreath!  Sounds like the perfect story for a frugal Friday.
How have you incorporated Spring into your home?

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