Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Columbus Trip Thrifty Finds

Islanders, I've got so much to share that I'm skippin' the typical Wordless Wednesday Post in an effort to get to it already!

On my way out of the door for a dear friend's birthday dinner this past weekend, I realized I was still carrying my mom purse.  It wasn't going to work with my outfit so I hurried to my storage bin of purses to dig out a clutch and THAT'S when I reunited with that little pretty up there.  Woven leather?  Universal chain that offers many options for wear?  That color?  I LIVE (or die... or whatever is the COOL way to say it these days, lol).  It's photos like this one that have brought on a lot of questions about thrift shopping... I'm planning some posts with tips but, for now, that little moment of frugal fabulosity serves as the perfect segue for today's conversation.

Can we talk about the fabulous frugal finds from our family fun in GA?  You like that homemade tongue-twister?  I knew you would.

I shared some of the deets of our family trip last week (more here).  I mentioned that mom and I sneaked - wait.

You know I'm a bit of a grammar nerd so, let's have this conversation for those who thought, "sneaked?  WHAT THE HECK IS SNEAKED?"

"Sneaked" is the standard past tense and past participle form of "sneak."  Example:  Last night I sneaked a few cookies before dinner.  Unfortunately, the gym rat and man of the house sneaked in the kitchen right behind me and made me repent for my dietary transgression.

What this means is "sneaked" has always been accepted as the past tense of "sneak."  So if you use it, you will be abiding by long-time language rules.  Talk about a WIN for English teachers everywhere, lol.

That said, "snuck" has become an acceptable form in casual environments and conversation... if you want to sound smarter, however, heed my advice and use "sneaked."

Anyhoo, we sneaked away for a quick trip to Joey's Thrift Mall.  You may recall Joey's is one of our must-see shopping spots in Columbus, GA.  On this trip, I left with two fabulous items - the key (#1) and the tray (#2).

The key is a fabulous oversized wooden piece that I'm trying to narrow my plans for. Part of me wants to add an oversized ribbon to it and use it as a wreath while the other part wants to add it to a feature wall in the kitchen.  IDK but stay tuned.

The tray is a fabulous shade of gold and it will hold the desk accessories and office supplies in the craft room.  I told you I've got most of what I need to finish that space and, well, I meant it!

3 - The ribbon earrings

These yellow and navy knots are a great addition to my collection of unique earrings I've found in thrift and antique shops.  They offer the oversize design I love without the pain heavy earrings cause my ears.

4 - The Snuffer Scissors

During our trip to Gina's, these antique scissor-style candle snuffers caught my eye.  I paid $6.00 for them and they are SO cool!.  I have collected a few pairs of antique gold scissors and I am planning a piece of artwork to display my beauties in the craft room.

5 - Door Knocker Earrings and 6 - Native American Ring

On our last trip to Gina's I saw the lion door knockers, debated whether to purchase them and eventually decided to buy several other pairs... The vision of those lion earrings stuck with me long after we left.  I've learned not to dwell on thrifty finds I leave behind so I didn't lose sleep over them.  I did, however, squeal with excitement when I saw they were still there during this trip!  I've worn them several times since our visit and always get a ton of compliments; people actually realize they're designed to mimic door knockers!

In the photo above, you can see the earring and the ring designs.  I debated over three rings - one turquoise, one coral and one native American print.  While I loved the other two, this ring was different.  It had all kinds of cool colors (turquoise, navy, purple, red, black and opal).  PLUS, it was in the best condition and it was sterling silver...

Unique, quality and a perfect fit? Sold.

In addition to my fabulous frugal finds, I got some great produce from our favorite spot, the Peach Basket in South Carolina:

Yes, I did buy one tomato.  Don't judge me. Didn't I tell you I'm FRUGAL!


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