Thursday, April 9, 2015

Orijen Pet Food - A Product Review

Howdy, Islanders.

You know we got a new furry member of our family, Nuke.  

That photo was taken during our first meeting but OMG!  I don't think I ever shared the adoption photo from the rescue's website.

Yes, I believe Nuke is smiling in the picture too, lol.  You can probably see in the photo that Hubbs is super excited about Nuke joining our family.  He has obsessively researched for everything Nuke would need.

Nuke has the head and muscle appearance of a pit bull but the short stumpy legs and personality of a bull dog.

Moral of that story?  He doesn't care for exercise or physical activity.  He might want to jog but not longer than 1 minute.  He might want to play but after 5 minutes, he passes out.  Hubbs feels a change in his diet would shed any excess weight from his little legs while replenishing his coat luster and increasing his energy level.

We ordered the Orijen pet food because it is, hands down, the best food on the market.  With the free treats and shipping, we justified the increased expense and awaited delivery.  Two days later, the food arrived!  We started the diet and as of last weekend, we were two weeks in.  Here are Nuke's stats:

Starting weight: 61 lbs
Starting energy level: no running, slowly climbed stairs, all bark no movement, wouldn't walk for longer than 5 minutes without resisting or sitting down
Coat luster: beautiful color but dry and coarse to touch

Current Weight: 58 lbs (-3)
Energy Level: much more playful (about 10 minutes a day), more inclined to jog or run, loves to walk (longest walk every evening for 30+ minutes)
Coat luster: flaking decreased, coat is shinier and softer to touch

Here are the before/after shots:

Do you see that leg muscle definition?

Yes, he looks and sounds super tough but, can I just be honest for a minute, Islander?  I'm cool with that.  I don't mind additional security or second thoughts for those unwanted or unexpected visitors.  I actually prefer that a dog serve as an affordable alarm system.  This guy barks if something is happening and that's earning his keep in this house!  Just check him out at his guard post:


He's in the kitchen but facing the entrances to let me know if someone is on their way.  I think he quickly learned that he prefers to "guard" from posts that allow him to see what's happening but that don't interrupt his nap, lol... So, he now guards from the peace and quiet of the family room (which is down the hall).

Now, can we talk about home decor and how a pet can change that?  OMG, there are bowls and toys and bones, and dirt and drool and UGH!

I was determined we'd keep his stuff out of sight and mind but Hubbs had a different idea.  Hubbs said I could purchase the bowls but that they were going to be out.  I almost passed out.  You mean to tell me having him around isn't invasive enough? He has to *like* move his JUNK in here too... yes, I called the dog's food and water JUNK.  I needed to contain his mess and define his area.  His ONLY area.  Hmm, possibly a mat to match and a fab-meets-functional solution might work.  Here's what I came up with!

I purchased a bath mat from Ross for $4.  It is large enough to hold the bowls, has an anti-slip bottom, made to absorb water AND just-so-happens to match my neutral kitchen decor.  I visited Petsmart for the water bottle and bowl.  Everything totaled less than $30!!!  Nuke, who isn't a fan of my carpet freshener all the time (rolls around coughing when I vacuum), loves his little place.

I searched all over for the perfect food container.  I wanted it to ALSO match and function for the space.  Queue the angels!  HOME GOODS PET SECTION TO THE RESCUE!

It was $15 and holds every ounce of the dog food with room to spare.  Its simple design is sturdy enough to prevent ants (or Nuke, lol) from eating the food.  Oh, I also purchased a pet scoop from Home Goods:

It all came together perfectly.  Fab meet Fur.  Fur MEET FAB!


Have I mentioned my dog's coloring perfectly matches the decor in our home?  That he has a big bark and a big heart to match?  That I, Mrs. Anything that can't wipe its own butt can't live here, have fallen totally in love with our dog?

 He is a total sweetheart and quite honestly completes our little family.  I just love him oodles and bunches!  I guess Hubbs noticed our affinity for one another and decided, in lieu of my Easter basket, he'd give me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet.

The "I love my dog" charm was such a thoughtful gift and holds true for me and Mr. Nuclear Dynamite (Nuke).

It also holds true for you, my Islander roll dogs as well :)


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