Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Frugal Decorator

I realized in our discussion yesterday that half of my craft room decor is sentimental decor, the other half is thrifty decor.

Let's start with the work station, shall we?

I created the work space using ClostMaid shelves ($60 total) and a scratch-n-dent Ikea closet shelf ($4).  Crazy, right?  Don't worry, I'll share the deets and tutorial soon but I finished off the look with thrifty finds.

The stool was a gift for Munch from Janice.  Munch loved spinning on it at last year's church sidewalk sale and Janice announced she HAD to have a grandma moment by givin' the baby what she wanted.

I used leftover party decor (tassel garland from Munch's Rock Star party) to jazz it up.  I also filled the shelves with pretty things:

I got the bowl from Dianna.  It was decor on the table at the Women's Ministry church event I described yesterday.  I paid $2 for the letter at Michael's.

I drive a VW Beetle so when I saw the ornament at The Village ($.90), I knew it was meant to be!  Pink AND VW?  Totally me.

I got the cute little box from Goodwill for $.99!  I divided the workstation into two sections - computer and small crafts.  The small crafts work space has pictures (all frames cost between $.50 -$1.99).  I really like each frame's unique design but my favorite piece on the work space is the porcelain wagon I found at The Village for $1.90!  I knew it would be perfect for my small glue sticks as soon as I saw it!

Isn't it adorable?!  I know! I know! Oh and speaking of cute, the computer side of my work station is overflowing with cuteness.

Okay, so I splurged on the gold dog tape dispenser from Target.  I got the sparkle stapler for $2, the small gold tray holding the pen holder Munch made (her tutorial is coming soon), and the post-it holder was also made by Munch.  Despite the dog dispenser splurge, it is still a thrifty-priced area... ESPECIALLY when I consider the lamp I got half-off from Ikea:

I paid $19.99 which is a major discount from the original price $39.99!  What? You don't believe me?  Check out the lamp's price online here.

Above the workstation I hung the memo board and two antique silhouette prints. They were $4 for the pair and, although I initially thought to change the artwork, I decided I really liked them as-is.

The highlight of the work station wall is the gold pegboard!

It was so easy and affordable to make (of course, tutorial coming soon) but the decor ON the pegboard are what we will discuss today.


The artwork is from Ross for $6.

The mini globe was a $.99 purchase from Goodwill.  I love the black ocean, I think it's so unique and cool.

I used the hooks to hang my scissors on.  My favorite pairs of scissors are the gold-toned ones.  I got both of them for a few bucks each - one from an antique shop in Georgia and the other from Goodwill; I LOVE THEM!

Oh and speaking of scissors, the scissor artwork at the center of the gallery wall is my original piece and thrifty contribution to the gallery wall.

As a matter of fact, every item on the gallery wall was purchased from area thrift stores.

When I saw the above piece in a Georgia thrift store, I giggled and knew it was perfect for the gallery wall.  It reads, "Careful research has established that a wife should not vent hostility toward her husband by waiting 'til he leaves the house, then swishing his toothbrush in the John!"

Just, ya know, a friendly reminder to myself, lol.

The only other thrifty finds is the Lazy Susan on the craft  table.  Do you remember the craft table transformation?  There's more here.

I prefer to keep the table's surface clear except for the Lazy Susan.  On it, I've placed thrift store vases and containers for items.  Can you see that aloe plant in the top right?  That "vase" is actually a votive holder.  I liked the unique shape and design so I made it work for what I wanted. 

In addition to the aloe vase, all other containers on the Lazy Susan were purchased at The Village.

I bought the vintage bowl for $3.90 from The Village when I thought I was going with a different room design.  I thought about not keeping it but it is a beautiful piece and makes my glittered clothespins look awesome.  

Keeping my budget at the forefront of this room's design makes its completion that much sweeter.  Who says decor has to expensive to be beautiful?  Who says big chain store inventory is the best place to purchase home decor?  Who says your space has to be like everyone else's?

Thrift stores, yard sales and clearance racks are full of great items just waiting to make your place unique for a fraction of the cost!

Cheers to creating a space that reflects your style for less!


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