Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Decorating With Love

I shared the craft room reveal a few weeks ago.

If you haven't seen the full reveal, you can check out more here.  Today, I just want to share some detail images and talk about how I pulled this room together using things I love.

We've spoken about the thrifty dress form and how I made a base using an old floor lamp here.  We didn't, however, talk about its purpose in the craft room.

More than a pretty piece of decor, this piece serves as my motivation board.  I've started covering it with subtle reminders for those times when tensions rise and I'm faced with a seemingly impossible deadline or task.  Sometimes, you need to SEE why you do what you do.


I found a pack of inspirational sayings in a scrapbook kit at Michael's.  I was drawn to many of the messages and pretty images on the cards and they serve as the perfect visuals I needed.

I received the Blessings tag on a gift from my Mom five years ago.  It's hung in my 9-5 space as a reminder but I recently decided to give it a permanent home.  Last but not least is the mask.

Were you wondering about that piece of poster board with feathers and markers?  Well, Munchface made it in Kindergarten and insisted I have it to wear to work.  It has been one of those things that make me smile and remind me to appreciate my child's artsy-fartsy ways.

Something about globs of glue and bright markers make my heart smile.

We've spoken about the gallery wall several times.  I'll share my thought process behind hanging it and tips for creating a symmetrical gallery wall later.  Today, I want to highlight some of the artwork.  Well, you can see Munch's hand and footprints in the striped artwork.  Those were so simple to create (tutorial coming) and they remind me how much she's grown; it's artwork only a mom can appreciate! My favorite piece is one of Munch's artworks from her daycare days.  It seemed, at that age, she was coming home with stacks of scribbles constantly.  I'd quickly look through the pile o' the day and toss them in the trash.  One day, however, I stumbled upon something and I was shocked.  It looked like a bird.  A real bird.  My four year old drew and colored a bird... In a time of her life when I was a circle with lines for legs and arms, this was a bird.  CLEARLY.  TOTALLY.  A BIRD.

It's been framed ever since and waited in a box in a garage alongside other Munch originals until I found a wall for it.  I'll share some of her other pieces once I finish the gallery wall plans; we've got some awesome artwork to hang!  Moving on...

My DIY memo board is covered in LOVE!

There's the Mother's Day card Munch made when she was three(top left), the photo of Hubbs and I taken when we were 19: 

Oh and let's not forget my beloved LJ.  His collage of photos reminds me how faithful God is to His promises; our miracle baby is doing amazingly!

Also on the workstation are the photos and, as you can probably imagine, their sentimental value goes without saying.

Our first wedding anniversary was celebrated aboard the Nina's Dandy dinner boat (far right).  In a time when cell phone photo quality was crap, this photo is worth its weight in gold!  

Sheena got me the card in the center frame and I'm reminded of the amazing encouragement and support my friends give me; they truly are my biggest cheerleaders.

We've spoken about the artwork I got from my parents' place and how I've obsessed over these paintings since I was a child here.

Oh and can you see that memo board in the corner of that photo?  Well, it's another DIY project and, on it, I've pinned a Mother's Day gift from Munch, a cute pic of DatMyHoney and a poem from my sweet Dianna.  

The poem is titled, "I Am Only Me" and it was given to attendees of our church's Women's event back in December.  Along with the poem, Dianna gave out these LEGACY boxes as a reminder to leave a legacy of love:

The final item might seem like something small to you but not for us...  Hubbs and I were married at 21 and spent our "honeymoon" moving and settling into our first place together rather than spending money on a trip (no, we didn't live together before marriage and I don't care if you call me old fashioned!!).  For our first wedding anniversary, we planned a trip to Florida, the only getaway we could afford, and we spent a week in a fabulous hotel.  When you're a newlywed or on a honeymoon, Disney presents you with a pin to wear and it lets all of the staff know to congratulate you and to give you VIP treatment.  We had an amazing time in Orlando.  In addition to hiking, boating, amusement park-ing, jet skiing and more, we also shopped for the perfect souvenir.  We found a cute little porcelain statue of newlywed Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  

At the time of purchase, I was in a different phase of life.  You know, a time when little random things on little shelves was cute.  Like it symbolized a home when you have clutter... OK, I admit that, over the course of our marriage, I have debated over donating the little thing.  

Whatever. Judge me. I DON'T CARE.  

Something would always stop me; I mean, what kind of monster gets rid of a honeymoon MICKEY?!   I didn't but... they were boxed up for 10 years.  Then, as I pulled the room together, they miraculously appeared on my work table; maybe Hubbs was droppin' some subtle decor suggestions?

When our home was gutted, all of the doors were replaced.  One of the things people don't tell you is that when you replace indoor doors, they may fit but they will more than likely swing shut unless you have a doorstop.

A cute.  Meaningful. Reminder. That just-so-happens to function as a doorstop.

Many have seen this space and only see a pretty room.  I've had readers comment that my room doesn't FUNCTION as a craft room and, while I think it's pretty and functions perfectly for me, I am MORE happy that I was able to incorporate things that remind me of the people and memories I love.  It is an honor to have others acknowledge the beauty of this space because it is filled with so much love :)

I hope you're inspired to use sentimental items to decorate your home.  Pull them out! Hang them up!  Those are the things that make your space your HOME!


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