Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter - Bravo or Bust?

Hey, Islanders.

Yea, you've probably sensed it.  I'm sick.  Well, not sick-sick anymore but sick nonetheless (when you say it twice, it really matters.  No, for real for real!!).  I had an awful episode on Friday then stomach issues and migraines popped up most of Saturday.  I wasn't myself.  I was, however, pumped for Easter (before the disastrous sickness).

Saturday, I didn't clean.  I didn't Easter prep.  I tried to go to buy food to cook for Easter dinner.  My body protested saying, "uh uh no way!"  Munch also fell ill mid-day.  UGH! My plans to pickup Olivia?  Didn't happen.  My plans to cook the night before?  Yea right.  I. Was. Down... for the ENTIRE count.  For real for real.  Yes, said twice and italicized for emphasis.

I was so bummed... then Sheena sent me a message that reminded things like this happen and they happen on a separate schedule from my plan.  I needed to take some time to listen to my body.  I slept for hours and woke up in enough time to prep Munch's hair and to pull out the Easter baskets.

Thank goodness for advanced planning! The baskets were done earlier in the week so I just placed them on top of the mantle next to my pretty mama-made Spring arrangement (made with some of the thrifty flowers from the major Goodwill haul).

I laid out our church clothes and went to bed praying for a better Easter Sunday.

Church was awesome - great brunch, great service and a great time with family.  After church, we hurried home to cook and pickup Nuke.  Yep, NUKE was meeting the family before Easter dinner!

My symptoms didn't subside as time went on BUT I tried to make the best of it.  I stuffed them with candy (glittered eggs had dollars in them).  Amalia, Ryan and I headed out to the front yard to hide them and, when I realized we had more than enough eggs for our three little ones, I decided to invite the folks across the street .  When I rang the bell, what seemed like a hundred children answered the door!  I hesitated but invited them to come over anyway; the more the merrier, right?

It was an awesome time and everyone left with a few eggs.  We all agreed that it was a lot of fun and the adults promised to plan better next year.  I was so glad we were able to extend an invitation to the neighbors (and their guests); I love the sights and sounds of children squealing in search of eggs.

After the egg hunt, we all enjoyed desserts and more time with each other.  Hubbs knew I wasn't feeling well so we left early in the evening to head home.  Munch stayed with her grandparents and prepared for Bring Your Child to Work Day at her Pop-Pop's job.

You see the smile.  She had a blast, she made new friends and she finished her Spring Break with an AWESOME time with her Pop-Pop.  I'm not well yet but I am still bunny bouncin' with joy that Easter was a time of celebration and rejuvenation!  He is RISEN!!


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  1. Hope you feel better soon, Tabby! And glad that you all were able to spend a wonderful Easter together!


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