Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Football Shower - It's A Girl!

This week, we're opening the celebration vault to discuss events - both past and present.  Buckle up, Islanders, this is going to be a bumpy ride!  First up? Last week's football baby shower.

I was asked to help with a former office cube neighbor's baby shower during last week's event bonanza.  He and his wife are expecting a baby girl and, because this event was for the dad-to-be, the coordinators chose a football theme.   As you know, I recently coordinated a football-themed baby shower for Hubbs' cousin.  In the case of the office event, plans were finalized before I was involved - they determined the theme (Dad is a Dallas Cowboys fan and Mom is a Redskins fan), they decided on the decor and the overall set-up.  It really made my life easier so I volunteered to provide a sweets table and that was going to be my only focus for the event.  We know that weekend was crazy for me (with four events) so I was GLAD to play a minor role in the event!

As the shower neared, I realized the invite wasn't sent and volunteered to make one.  I used the theme to create an invite.  Do you remember the football shower invitation?

I took that design and tweaked it for the shower.

It turned out super cute and set the tone this would be a fun baby shower for the guys and girls.  I really like it and I decided to incorporate pink because it's for a cheerleader.  I wanted the sweets table to be classy, elegant and girl-y but clearly be a football-y (another word I made up... you're welcome!) table.  Mission accomplished!

Chef Joy made her yummy football-shaped cake pops, onesie cookies and a yummy cake.

I used glitter wrapping paper to cover the tabletop as added visual interest.  I also took football elements and incorporated pink for our little cheerleader on the way.  Another cupcake bleacher stand?

OF COURSE!! Yep, I made another cupcake bleacher stand only this time it was PINK!

I also made the cupcake toppers from free printables I found online and small yarn poms.  For the cake, I made a topper using a white tassel, 2 lollipop sticks and a scrapbook sticker; I love how it turned out!

I requested a simple cake design with a tier made in each of the team's colors.  I also asked for ruffles to be added to our onesie cookies to resemble cheerleader uniforms.  They were so cute and, most importantly, they were delicious!

Football cake pops rested on "fields" of artificial grass and even the containers were pink (we'll talk about those a little later).

I purchased pink balloon anchors from the Dollar Tree and used them to create football player topiaries for symmetry and height.

I hung a simple pennant banner above the table to complete the look and loved how polished and clean the sweets table design turned out!

I said I was just providing a sweets table but, much like the invite, as the event's start time neared, I used some of my items to bring it all together.

My cube neighbor is a nice guy... the kind of cube neighbor who offers to wax your 'stache when you throw a complaint over the cube wall - haha!  He's the kind of guy in the office who is always volunTOLD to move something or kill a bug.  He's a nice guy who married a nice gal who just-so-happens to work in the same office building so everyone knows her sweet, cute prego self really well.  We all have a lot of work to do and I couldn't allow the shower to fall through the cracks.  So, we all worked together to get 'er done.

One of the shower leads made a super cute diaper cake:

Another shower lead brought in a cute football for guests to sign and the third covered most of the food.  My pieces of decor helped to tie it all together and, as a team, we set a space suitable for our cute little cheerleader on the way.

I'd also like to say the guys in attendance thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I've heard we may have set the bar a little higher for office baby showers... I guess all the expecting dads want one!

Hope you're having a CHEERful week thus far!


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  1. Hey dear this Football Shower party idea was brilliant. Those Football cake pops are way too cute. I adore the work of the party planner. Well I also need to hire the services of any good corporate event planning firm for my upcoming business event. If you have any suggestions then please share!


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