Friday, June 26, 2015

A Chic and Classy Cotton Club Party

Since the celebration vault is wide open, let's play a round of catch-up, shall we?

I worked with a friend's hubby recently to create a chic lounge feel in their home for a semi-surprise birthday party for his wife, and my dear friend, Deb.  She chose the theme and colors and he passed along the information to pull together a cool Cotton Club themed party.  The Cotton Club is a movie set in the roaring 20's and is the epitome of Hollywood glamour - feathers, sparkles and layers upon layers of accessories!

I made a super quick and easy pennant banner for the entryway.  Black paper with gold stickers and a wine glass tower was all it took!

You know I'm against plastic tablecloths.  I have, however, found a new love for the affordability of the material.  In the case of this event, I used the three colors and tape to create dramatic draping.

I love how elegant it is.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  It framed the dining room entrance with the "curtains" and made the space feel like a lounge.  Speaking of the sweets table, I used the ruffle bed skirt as a table cloth and layered wrapping paper on top to add a textured look.

Chef Joy made themed cupcakes and dice-shaped cake pops.

It looked super cute with the light on BUT this was a lounge, remember?  Lights off and candles lit!

I took that photo during the party; the entire space felt magical... simple and elegant with ambient lighting.  Another friend of the birthday girl made the food and it was all really good!

I used extra straws and paper punches to make simple buffet labels.  

Oh, and speaking of labels, the drink station turned out super nice too!

In front of the "bar" area, I rolled chalkboard wrapping paper out and used a pink chalk pen to write a quote from the movie, "you gon' have to hit harder than that!"  How appropriate, right?

I also used champagne and wine glasses to hold straws and drink stirrers I made.  The decor was a great backdrop for the fabulous costumes guests wore!

It was a fun night for the birthday girl and her guests.  When it was time for the birthday song, everyone gathered in the dining room and she took it all in.

She announced she'd never had a big birthday party and thanked her sweet hubby for pulling us all together.  I positioned the sparkler candles atop the cake and we were ready for the [Stevie Wonder version] birthday song!

Each guest left with a painted wine glass as a favor and the event was a success!  Honestly, it was great to see the birthday girl relish in her birthday party and thoroughly enjoy her evening!

 Happy birthday, Deb!  Oh, and happy weekend, Islanders!


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  1. This is so lovely décor!! I am in love with this beautiful theme. Wonderful work you did! Hey I am also thinking to host a surprise party on my wife’s birthday at the domestic Hollywood venues. Would you like to work with me?


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