Thursday, July 16, 2015

Spa-La-La Update

I made some progress recently as it relates to Munch's 9th birthday party plans.

On the decor front, I've made a few purchases over the months and wanted to share them with my party plannin' accountability partners.  While scrolling a Facebook yard sale page (one of my new fave pastimes), I noticed a bride was selling her aisle arrangements and, islanders, they were beautiful! You guessed it! I bought them for $10!!!

Ostrich feathers are really expensive so I know I got an awesome deal.  I plan to either tie them to chairs like so:

...or to use them to create two centerpieces like this:

Aren't they fabulous?! I also found two adorable white umbrellas at the thrift store.

I still need to find a black and white umbrella I've been envisioning for a decor focal point.
I really like the whimsical design of that umbrella.  We're still working some of the details to include the venue and invitation design but -- oh!  Before I forget!  Another piece of the party Munchface and I are super excited about are the favor bags.

Aren't they cute?  That's right, we're going to get personalized bags for each guest and fill them with manicure supplies and crafts they make at the party.

Munch is most excited about the favor bags and the possibility of a spa day with close friends.  I can't wait to bring it all together and to see her birthday girl smile.  I'll keep you posted on all the plans, you know how we do this whole party plannin' thing!


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