Thursday, May 26, 2016

DIY - Piñata Stick Cupcake Toppers

The two most recent Wordless Wednesday posts have been related to the Fiesta Gender Reveal so, let's get to the updates!  AAAAHH!!!! I can't wait to share this party with you... NOT because there was an extensive amount of DIY decor but because it was equally as effortless as it was fabulous!  Today, we're taking a classic party element and incorporating it... on a mini scale because everything is cuter when it's tiny... oh, and without glue!  Yes, without glue, as in 'you don't have to make a huge mess to have an impact.'  Say whaaaaat?

I know. You're welcome.

Yesterday, we talked about the theme and how, when I learned Amalia and Jon were expecting, I thought a fiesta theme would be the perfect nod to Amalia's Mexican heritage.  We will talk about the plans and how it all came together but everybody knows, when you're planning a fiesta, some things you have to include are:

- Pata
- Bright colors
- Sombreros
- Pata
- Pata

Did I mention the pata?  Well, a fiesta isn't complete without a reference to OR an actual pata.  While shopping at Party City with Ryan (my sis-in-law and paternal auntie-to-be), we picked up rainbow party streamer to use as one of the unifying party elements.  Crepe paper is the typical material used to make a pata.  Ryan used the streamers in the centerpieces and I used the material to make easy, no-glue cupcake toppers!

- Party Streamers
- Long Toothpicks 
- Scissors

1. Cut 4 inches of party streamer
2.  Fold in half lengthwise 
3.  Cut along the fold line to create the pinata effect.  BE SURE NOT TO CUT ALL THE WAY DOWN!
4.  Pinch the end of the streamer ruffle to the top of the toothpick.
5.  Wrap the toothpick tightly with the fringe, pinching periodically to ensure the streamer takes to the shape of the toothpick.
6.  Stop the ruffle 3/4 of the way down to account for the portion of toothpick that will poke into the cupcake.

7.  Poke into the center top of a cupcake and enjoy the cuteness!

These cupcakes, made by the paternal grandma-to-be, were a party highlight and the toppers helped to unify the centerpieces and bright colors of the space without breaking the bank or burning any fingers with hot glue.

I wish I could inhale *like* five cupcakes right now; those thangs were delicious!

Oh! Did I mention I made two dozen toppers in less than 20 minutes?  Well, I did!  They are super easy and the color options are endless!  We placed the sweets at the end of the food buffet and these cupcakes were the perfect addition to the table!

 Wait until you see the rest of this party.  It came together fabulously!

Stay tuned for more!


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