Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fiesta: Making Store-bought Look Couture

In the best interest of time and energy, Ryan and I decided to take an afternoon and check out the fiesta party stash at Party City.  We strolled the aisles, purchased statement decor and pulled a fabulous party together without compromising on style!  I've compiled a list of tips to help you make store-bought decor look couture!

1.  Large-scale Decor!

Think BIG!  We purchased a large party pack.  It included the sign photographed above, several banners.  We used the fiesta sign as a photo backdrop and focal point in the space.  We hung the banners over head to create an ambiance fit for the winds that blew that day :)  I would normally use cardstock to make banners but the package offered a variety of banners and came ready to hang!  SCORE!  Other ideas and tips for large-scale decor include:

- Using scene setters as photo or feature table backdrops
- Hang ceiling decor over feature tables
-  Create wall cover to unify the space

2.  Think outside of the box!

Just because the package says the purpose of an item is one thing doesn't mean you can't (and shouldn't) consider other uses!

We hung one banner on the table to create a unique and colorful table skirt!  We also got packs of mini sombreros for guests to wear, they were a hit!

Sure, they were adorable as little hats but I loved how they looked as a cake topper!

Other ways to think outside of the box include:

- Paper wall hangings (priced at less than $1), make great cheap decor!  Glue them to dowels and add them to centerpieces!  Cover jars to unify the candy buffet!  Place them on top of boxes wrapped in coordinating colors for instant LARGE decor that's customized for your theme!

- Use clusters of decor to create beautiful backdrops.  Poms, balloons, wrapping paper, plates, anything in multiples hung on the wall will make a huge impact!

3.  Cluster!

Don't scatter your decor all over a large space and expect to make a statement!  Think strategically and place decor where you want your guests to look.  For example, tissue poms are sold in packs of three.  Rather than hanging them all over the space, Hang them over a feature table or as a photo backdrop to create a HUGE impact using just three poms!

The key to store-bought couture is to have a purpose for every item you purchase.  Be intentional and edit.  Too much is too much.  Strategic placement is more important!  Focus on details where your guests can have time to appreciate them - centerpieces (guests will be eating and sitting there for some time), sweets table (guests will look closely for what sweets they want), favors (they will leave with them and inspect the treats at a later time).

I will leave you with images of our store-bought decor at [fabulous] work:

Stay tuned!


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