Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fiesta: Food, Family, FUN!

I've shared images of the cake and those fabulous paper flowers photographed up there.

Can we talk about how awesome it was to spend our first family cookout of the season celebrating the expectant arrival of our newest bundle of joy?  There was food.  

Good food.  

An authentic buffet from the mom-to-be's (M2B) favorite restaurant in the area to be exact.

There was yummy Mexican soda.

M2B loves the soda!

There were cute little ones... including my deliciously adorable nephew.

There was family.

There was a bump.

There were obligatory photos of the cute bump.

There was the news of what we were having...

During our shopping trip in search of party supplies, I found the perfect pinata.

I wanted to avoid the baby themed pinata but I thought the donkey pinata was too much; it just wasn't cute enough.  As we were checking out, I saw the gift box pinata and knew it, with its tissue paper bow, would be perfect!  I filled it, hung it and the parents-to-be got in place to have a swing and find out what we're having.

Care to take a guess?

IT'S A...???

Tune in tomorrow to watch the video and see the pics!


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