Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fiesta: Easy Centerpiece Ideas

Ryan and I took a quick shopping trip to Party City and Target for some fiesta party decor to incorporate into our plan and, particularly the centerpieces.  If you're looking for an easy way to create the perfect fiesta centerpieces, here are a few tips to be sure your arrangements are unique, fabulous and affordable: 

1.  Sombreros

Seriously, what's a fiesta without sombreros?  

We purchased a large colorful sombrero and placed small arrangements on top.  We also purchased paper sombrero wall decor for $.29/each from Party City and glued them to dowels to add height.  We also considered using some of the mini sombreros in the centerpieces but it was windy and they wouldn't stay put.

2.  Canned Goods

I purchased several cans of jalapenos and enchilada sauce on clearance for well under $1.

The cans made the perfect containers for floral arrangements, straws, and buffet supplies.  They gave the casual atmosphere and polished and theme-appropriate container that you can keep and use in future products or recycle; one-time or long-term use without the worry of breaking the bank?  Sounds perfect to me!

3.  Live plants!

A healthy mix of common Mexican flowers and plants looked great throughout the space. 

You can purchase fresh cut flowers from your local grocery in theme-coordinating colors, cacti from your local garden center, or any of the following Mexican flowers that have significance to the culture:

- Dahlias: the national flower since 1963
- Marigold:  the flower used to decorate tombs of the Aztecs
- Calla Lillies: became popular after Diego Rivera featured them in paintings
- Roses:  the blooms play a significant role in the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe

How cool would pepper plants be placed in a jalapeno can?  OMG!  That would be awesome!

4.  Cultural references

While all of the decor elements we've covered are nods to Mexican culture, you can bring it all together by using references to some of the following things:

- Maracas
- Clay pots
- Mexican blankets
- Pinatas and more!

Visit your local thrift store in search of small pieces that tie in with the theme for  discounted price!  Ryan used party streamers to create the fringe embellishments on the jars.  She even placed maracas into some of the potted plants.

These gender reveal centerpieces were a hit and guests were happy to take them home!


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