Friday, May 27, 2016

Fiesta: Mexican Paper Flowers

You probably didn't realize all of these tissue paper poms you've been seeing all over blogland practically originated in Mexico.

Yep, those poms you've seen hanging over dessert tables and used as room decor have been a staple in Mexican culture for years!

That is one of the images I sent to Amalia as inspiration for one of the feature decor elements... I wanted to frame the cake with paper flowers.  UGH, can we just take a moment for the drama and the colors and the texture of the paper flowers?


Don't they resemble the beautiful folklore dresses of those Mexican dancers?  Mexico is known for its art - sugar skulls, pottery, jewelry, baskets, paintings, dolls, embroidery, and more - it's truly a crafter's paradise!  Paper flowers are beautiful and I knew they'd really help to bring the theme together.

Can I share some quick updates with you, my beloved Islander?  I had a lot going on during this time.  I had a major plumbing issue, I was in a bad car accident and I was in the process of moving... as in out of our house and into another.  I know.  No tears. No drama.  Just take the update and move on with me.  Like, now.

So, with everything, I couldn't give this party the handmade elements I wanted to.  I had to make store bought seem couture.  I bought two items from Oriental Trading and both of the items incorporated Mexican paper flowers!

1. This door frame set of flowers was awesome and came in three pieces - one for the sides and one for the top of a door frame.

The park was windy on the day of our event so I wound up hanging the top (and largest) piece over the cake.  I used one of the side pieces over the main entrance and removed flowers from the remaining piece to scatter the individual paper flowers throughout the space. 

2. The other item I ordered was the adorable Mexican flower straws.  They arrived ready to assemble and added an element of fun and whimsy to the drink station!

Check out our fabulous pieces in action at the event!

Can you see the small paper flower under the cake stand?  It was a great touch!

I found canned goods in the Mexican food aisle of my local grocery store and used them to hold centerpieces and other buffet items.

Don't the straws look great paired with the yummy Mexican sodas? 

If you're looking for fabulous and affordable fiesta decor, consider incorporating the paper flowers and be sure to check out Oriental Trading's selection; it's great!


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