Friday, August 23, 2013

Frugal Friday - Water Bombs

Happy Frugal Friday, Islanders!
With all of the chaos surrounding the planning of Munch's birthday.  I was more willing than usual to accept additional help.
OK, maybe I was all, "no... you don't have to. I think I'm good..." about it but still...
I had help.
In the case of the water bombs, Deborah came by the night before the party and helped to make them.  They're super easy and super cheap.  They also, however, are worth their weight in gold because they make for a great water game.  Try them and let me know what you think!
Water Bomb Tutorial
- Sponges (1/person)
- Small Rubber Bands
- Scissors
Purchase the basic sponges (sold at your local grocery or dollar store).  Be sure to purchase the sponges without the abrasive side intended for scrubbing.  I purchased a few from my local Dollar Tree and a bag from my local Big Lots (they had a bag of a variety of sizes for $1).
1. Cut your sponges in strips.  Deb varied between 4-6 strips per sponge. 
We had several bombs to create and needed to stretch our supplies:

2.  Stack 6-8 sponge strips.
3. Wrap a rubber band around the center of the stack twice depending on size (I used the size photographed above).
4.  Enjoy your water bomb!
We used them in the final activity of the party.  I took the two buckets to the water and filled them.  I left one with the kids and gave one to the dads.  I announced the team with the LEAST amount of water on them would win.  The kids had a blast soaking dads with water!  

The squeals filled the beach and, with the kids out of the way, we were able to start the pack-up process.

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