Wednesday, October 25, 2017

An Un-Costume: The Lemon.

Do you recall the cute head piece we created for the pumpkin un-costume?

Do you recall the $2.98 dress we bought from Goodwill for the pineapple un-costume?

We combined the two to create a lemon costume.

Repeat the steps for the leaves that we shared yesterday.  Add a yellow dress and, if you want, you can carry a box of the lemon head candies as a purse or wallet.  I'd suggest painting your face yellow and going all in but -- well -- that would be too much effort for the UN-costume.  In our case, Munch got a lot of compliments while we were taking photos around town.

That little girl in the middle of that big mural had passersby stopping to compliment her costume.

We kept the cheeks and lip really pink and added the head piece.  If you've got time, you can glue a fake lemon to the leaves head piece.  Whatever you do,

Wear it.  

Own it.  

Be sweet...

...with a little bite!

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