Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baseball-Themed Baby Shower

Howdy, Islanders!

Do you remember these two?

That's my sweet rustic bride from a few years ago, remember?  I've been meaning to share their baseball-themed baby shower with all of you.  My rustic bride's family hosted a fabulous shower and I was on site to help with set-up.  

They used a mixture of personal and commercial images as decor and had a number of DIY ideas you'll love.

For table centerpieces, Munch helped to 'mod podge'  (is that a verb?  One can mod podge, right?) photo copied images to blocks of wood.  The grandma-to-be (G2B) pulled some of the bride's old gear, peanuts, old balls and vintage baby blocks to create the perfect finishing touches.

Other decor highlights included the baby block boxes G2B made:

The hundreds of pennants G2B made for banners:

The baseball bat guest book:

 The collection of baseballs in my mom's huge mason jar:

Can't forget the...

Of course, I took my nephew into the booth.  Of course, he stole the show:

I used the vintage baby blocks to create some baseball and baby-specific words into the centerpieces.  My favorite table included baby's name:

Axel.  His name will be Axel.  Everyone who arrived knew exactly what his name will be.  How, you ask?  Well, every sports fan knows it's game day when the cups are in the fence!

Awesome, right?!  Her dad built it using a piece of fencing material and wood, and it was HUGE!

Yep, her mom had baseball tee's made for the family... as if things could get any cuter!

The games were lots of fun, the food was delicious, and the time with family was amazing!

Cheers to hitting this event out of the park!


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