Friday, February 19, 2016

Gender Reveal - What NOT To Do!

I recently designed a gender reveal invitation.  The clients provided the image and I made it to their specifications:

In case you didn't know, Gender Reveal parties are all the rage.  What's a gender reveal, you ask? It's a party where parents-to-be announce the sex of their baby.  Yes, it's another excuse for people to host a party.  No, it's not a typical reason to party or even a "necessary" party... and I get it.  Some people just don't understand the whole concept and this new trend in the maternity and event planning worlds is either loved or hated.

I've shared my thoughts about gender reveals in a post (here).  While I enjoy the excitement of gender reveals and LOVE an excuse to party, I've got a few pet peeves for people who are planning to host one in the future.  I've compiled a list a things that you SHOULDN'T DO when planning your gender reveal.

1. Don't start planning too soon!

I recommend holding off until you enter your second trimester to start planning.  Think about it, the sooner you start, the more you'll spend and the more likely you are to do too much!  Speaking of too much...

2.  Don't spend too much!

I may say this a few times in this post so if you miss it the first time, that's okay.  This is NOT your baby shower.  Don't set a ridiculous budget to cover decor and a cake and prizes and games and -- did I mention this isn't a baby shower?

3.  Don't expect or ask for gifts!

Your baby shower is the ONLY time you should expect gifts.  This is supposed to be a time where you invite your closest family and friends to share in some of the biggest news of your life.  AND. THAT'S. IT.

4.  Don't invite everyone you know!

 As mentioned above, close friends and family are your ideal attendees.  Don't over invite.  This isn't your wedding and it isn't your baby shower.  This is an intimate moment to be shared with close family and friends only.  Have I mentioned it isn't your baby shower?

5.  Don't negate the importance of good food!

Second only to the news of your baby's gender, the food is critical to a successful gender reveal.  Everyone will show up excited to know the sex but equally excited for food.  If you're going to splurge (or spend), splurge on food.  Good food.  Lots of good food.

6.  Don't overthink the theme or decor!

Sure, I love a good theme and I prefer to have a theme when hosting an event but, this doesn't have to be an over-the-top concept where you're custom ordering decor to fit a specific shade of peach or turquoise.  Choose colors you can find in your local party store and make your life easier.  If you'd like to incorporate a theme, be sure it's something you can do easily and within budget.

Here on the island, we are all about helping so I’ve put together a few free printables to help with your next gender reveal or pink/blue party.  Below, you will find pennants (for banners), and a few files you can update with text for menus, welcome signs and much more!  

I know. You’re welcome!  Here’s how to personalize your files with text or graphics using

1.  Save the image to your computer.
2.  Upload into picmonkey and use their free or premium fonts and graphics to personalize for your needs.  Here's a sample(feel free to use it!):

3.  Copy and paste the image into a Word document.  Adjust the size to fit your frame or preference and VOILA!  Free printables never looked so good!


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