Friday, February 24, 2017

Rustic Shower: DEERly Loved

I shared the inspiration and I even shared a sneak peek yesterday.  Today, I'm sharing how it all came together.  To start, the restaurant gave us one long table.  I decided to start with a centerpiece and use symmetry to create a rustic and green table runner.  When we arrived, Ryan's mom and I got to work!

Her mom set up the cake and sweets table.

Remember the above photo from the sneak peek?  Well, it's the custom piece I had Melina make using two wooden pieces I picked up on one of my clearance runs to Michael's for other supplies.

We used wood glue to adhere the pieces together and Melina free handed the paint technique and deer silhouette.  It helped to set the tone for the event and carried the theme to the sweets table.

The cake was on trend with the "naked" design.  It's made to mimic the look of cake before a fondant or decorative icing covers it.  It was delicious and, without all the fancy stuff on top, you could just focus on the yummy goodness!

Her mom made naked cupcakes in each of the flavors too.  

Both flavors were delicious.  

Don't ask me how I know.

While Ryan's mom made the sweets table pretty, I created the main dining tablescape.  

You may recognize the above photo from yesterday's sneak peek.  I designed the graphics, sent them to print for $.28/each, and placed them in frames I inherited from the local retail store.  The first 'layer' for the table runner was the frames.  

I determined spacing (3 on either side of the centerpiece area) then, I added fresh greenery.  Two of my artificial picks with pine cones were placed on either end of the table and fresh greenery was placed between the frames.  Next up?  

Pine cone garlands and woodsy statues and figures.

I had to maintain the symmetry of the table for a uniformed statement at both ends.  

As I was finishing with setup, Amalia arrived with the diaper cake.  It became our lovely centerpiece.

It was rustic and woodsy and whimsy and everything we needed; truthfully, aside from a few signs, it was the only baby shower element we had.  Baby number two, remember?  We don't need all those baby shower frills for baby number two.

The final touch was the favors.  I asked Jasmine, Ryan's sister, to help with the favors.  She got the succulents and I designed the tags.  They were adorable and all of the guests loved them... Oh, and the favor tags were double-sided, as in win-win!

I will share more tomorrow (including free printables).  For now, check out the final [cell phone] photo I snagged before guests arrived:

It looked awesome!  

The guest of honor loved everything.

The guests enjoyed themselves.

Oh, and this auntie was done with her shower tasks three days before the event... Not to mention I got roughly $500 in decor for a fraction of the cost!  THIS was a great day celebrating my new nephew's arrival.  We enjoyed good food, good laughs, good games and lots of fun!

The rustic DEERly loved non-shower had all the right elements to make it a beautiful day!  There's more to come.  Stay tuned!

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