Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Emoji Oreos: BONUS Free Printables!

Hi, Islanders!

I don't usually get into Valentine's Day but I've realized it is one of Munchface's favorite days of the year.  I couldn't understand it at first but then it hit me:

- candy
- hearts 
- class party
- love

Valentine's Day has all the elements for a happy day from her perspective.  Every year, we think of creative ways to show her classmates some love.  Every year, I help Munch incorporate things she likes into her gifts for others.  This year, I thought to use my FAVORITE Oreo mold to create emoji faces.  As always, I designed the valentines to match and I'm sharing FREE printables and printing tips for you too!

EMOJI Oreos Tutorial


- Oreo cookies
- Yellow candy melts (4 bags)
- Black candy melts (1 bag)
- Blue candy melts
- Large heart-shaped sprinkles
- Pink dusting sugar
- Oreo cookie mold
- Edible black marker


1.  Melt yellow candy melts.

2.  Pour the yellow candy melts into cookie mold and place Oreo cookies on top.

3. Chill in freezer for 15 minutes or until cookies easily pop out of the mold.

4. Decorate...

For the heart eyes emoji:

Use melted yellow candy melts to adhere the large heart sprinkles to the Oreo.  I used the edible black marker to draw the outline for the mouth.  It didn't work very well so I used black candy melts to create the mouth.  I dipped small wooden craft sticks in the melts and carefully outlined and filled in the mouth.

For the crying laughing face:

Use the edible marker to draw the face (not the tears or teeth).  Trace the outline using the black candy melts.  Apply the same method to carefully draw the tears and the mouth.

For the blushing face:

Use the edible marker to draw the eyebrows, the eyes and the mouth.  Use the pink dusting sugar to dab on the cheeks (blow off the excess).  Use the black candy melts to carefully apply the other facial features.

For the kissing face:

Use the edible marker to draw the face.  Trace the facial features with black candy melts.  Dab the heart-shaped sprinkle with extra melted yellow candy melts.  Note: the mouth is a number 3!

For the sunglasses face:

Use the edible marker to draw the outline of the sunglasses and the mouth.  Use black candy melts to fill in the sunglasses shape and mouth.

The designs turned out fabulously!  Too bad Munch couldn't help; she wasn't feeling well and I couldn't allow a sneezing kid to handle food.  I finished and realized I had NO tags.  What was a girl to do?

I whipped up some quick designs and created a collage of each individual design on picmonkey.  I had 30 oreos (meaning 6 labels needed for each design); the collage had 6 tags/sheet.  

Printing Tip

It was the perfect fit for 4x6 photo prints (each tag was a 2-inch square)!  They were ready in minutes at my local drugstore and I only paid $1.45 for 5 sheets!  Here's the best part for you... FREE PRINTABLES!

You can add text to the valentines or use a marker to sign them yourself.  I know and you're welcome... don't think anything of it.  I'm just sharing the LOVE on Valentine's Day.

Stay tuned for a bonus crafty mom smash up.  I'm sharing some valentines my friends made for their kids!

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