Monday, February 13, 2017

Trolls Movie Themed Party

As you can see from the video above, the party room decor Sheena came up with was on point.

She set up the main table where the birthday girl was seated near the cake.

You see her smile.  All of Sheena's plans were coming together flawlessly.  She found the large letter balloons online and provided them to the vendor to make those adorable towers.  Remember when I thought we were meeting the balloon vendor and it turned out to be my surprise birthday party??  Well, the balloon towers really did happen and they were a great addition to the room; they made the perfect statement.

The venue staff, Sheena, and I worked for 30 minutes to pull the space together.  We've become quite skilled at personalizing party rooms, we're also experts at moving at the speed of lightning to do so.  

Venues like this offer packages which include favor bags, pinatas, and a special character appearance.  However, because Trolls was the newest theme, as it was still playing in theaters at the time of this party, there weren't any theme-specific items available at the venue; Sheena had to get her own.

On a trip to Dollar Tree, I saw reusable Trolls shopping totes.   They made the perfect carrier for all of the amazing items Sheena gave the kids!

Around the holiday season, Michael's had a sale on Trolls toys!  Each bag included:

Giant coloring book (retails for $9.99)
Puzzle (retails for $12.99)
Trolls crayons (retails $1.99)
DIY hug time watch kit (slap bracelets and stickers, valued at $6.00/each)
Character cake pop ($5/each)
Chocolate-covered Oreo (retails for $3/each)

Sheena was able to get goodies at a HUGE discount!  She spent around $10 for each favor bag.  While that may seem like a lot, each bag was valued at more $40!  Talk about swag bags with good stuff!  Including the party hats and fun time, guests had an awesome and hair-riffic experience!

Sheena's neighbor, a pre-teen who participates in her school's drama club, was happy to be Poppy at the party.  With the help of Sheena and her mom, she got into character and made the birthday girl's dreams of meeting Princess Poppy come true!


After working up an appetite and having a blast in multiple moon bounce rooms, the kids entered the party room for pizza, cake and fun.  Once her guests were seated, DatMyHoney and Poppy took a moment to wiggle around the room in front of all of her guests before we all sang the birthday song.

After the song, pizza was served and I cut the cake.

The hair of the cake was hollow.  A half-circle styrofoam shape was covered with fondant to create the top layer.  I had to lift it off and cutting the bottom layer was a breeze.

With cake and pizza out of the way, it was time for the pinata.  Sheena was able to order the pinata and fill it with goodies... the kids swarmed like ants at a picnic.  They loved the moment.

There were smiles all over the room.

Princess Poppy passed out the favor bags while the kids played before heading home.

Olivia enjoyed every moment and she noticed every detail her mom painstakingly pulled together to make our sweet Olivia's birthday dreams come true.

Happy birthday, MyHoney.  Your smile lights up a room and your heart impacts everyone around you.  Keep on being you.  The world needs it.

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