Thursday, February 2, 2017

34: Dope as Ever.

BEFORE WE GET TO IT, I'd like to take this opportunity to provide a brief history lesson on the word DOPE.  It has gone from a synonym for stupid to another word for someone addicted to any drug (i.e. dope fiend) to a replacement name for the drug heroine (or any other opiate).  In the counter-narrative of the popular counter-culture we've come to know as hip-hop, bad is often flipped to mean good.  Case and point: DOPE.  In a classic example of inversion, hip-hop has re-defined dope (adj.) to refer to something as BEYOND cool or far above the standard.  

Contrary to the 33rd year of my life, my 34th year will be dope.

With that lesson out of the way, now we are ready to proceed.  


OMG!  After the guests yelled surprise, it was time to party!  At the entrance, there was a full outfit awaiting my arrival.  I had to change.

There was a Madonna costume (complete with a dress, belt, fishnet stockings and gloves, and a faux leather jacket), black booties and a vintage silk patch jacket.  It was super DOPE!  That jacket?  It was DOPE.  The kind of jacket y'all know I would totally wear out in these streets.  Like, furreals, y'all.  Grocery store trip, anyone?!  Hello?!

It was SO cute.

I had my hair in a bun style - half up and half down - before the party.

After the surprise, however, I had to change my clothes and my hair.  I got my makeup done.  I was feeling fancy and I was ready to mix and mingle.  Luckily, it was a costume party so, I wasn't the only person ready to par-tay!

Do you see Sheena's pretty smile and outfit?  I was with her all day.  She didn't have that on shopping with me. I would've noticed something was up... right?

Sheena was serving Janet Jackson from the 90's movie, Poetic Justice.  She looked dope but she wasn't the only person to dress as an iconic woman of the era.  DaniThe DreamGirl DIY-ed a fierce Salt-N-Pepa costume.

She ironed letters to create the perfect jacket for her outfit!!  Oh, if you're wondering... a few of my littles were in attendance and got in on the dress-up fun too!

The Nunn girls came dressed in their funky tights, poofy skirts, high pony tails and headbands.

You see the face.  God Baby came ready to slay!  Melina DIY-ed a Janet Jackson costume and it was pretty amazing! 

 My close friends and family showed up and showed out!

By the end of the night, I put my jeans back on.  

I mean, one can drop it but so low and party but so hard in a costume booty dress...  I needed my pants.  From Madonna to an around the way girl in no time flat!

Yes, I did photo bomb that picture up there... hence the blurry limbs.

That photo up there is with my baker bestie, Misty of Girl Meets Cake.  Let me tell you.  She is amazing and she made my pink boom box birthday cake to fit the theme.  She always gives me a cake on my birthday and I just love her work.  It was so awesome partying with such an amazing person, vendor and friend.

Family + Friends + Costumes = GUARANTEED FUN!

My birthday cake was one of many amazing sweets and highlights of the party.  I can't WAIT to share the details!  This was one DOPE party!

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