Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6 - Free Pantry Printables

In the town house, we had a decent pantry.  It was long but narrow (about the width of a cereal box).  As you can probably imagine, I was excited to see the new house had a pantry cabinet:

I loved it. 
There are shelves on racks that sliiiiiiiide out, everything is hidden behind pretty cabinet doors... The cabinet opens and goes all the way to the ceiling for maximum storage... They are totally opposite what the other house had and I LOVED that.
After 6 months of real-time use, however, I've learned some things.  My snack storage needs work.  When I pull out the snack shelf things fall on the floor, it's a hassle to reach for the boxed snacks in the back, all of my snacks aren't contained to one area... It's just in need of some work.
Guess what?!
Today is the day!  I'm organizing my pantry :)
Want to join me for a pantry cleaning?  I'm going to wipe out the shelves, figure out new ways to store things, review the labels on goods to make sure nothing's expired, etc. 
Yep, I'm going to get my pantry life in order :)
To help motivate US, I've pulled some free pantry labels in case you need them for your pantry mission:)
I can't wait to share my progress tomorrow!

Count this as a small victory, Islanders.

Go US!


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