Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Un-Costume Series

I was just having a conversation with Munchface about middle school.  Pre-pre-teen status is a challenging stage of life.  I remember it quite vividly.  It was one of the hardest periods of my life.  I remember how many lies I told.

6th grade

I lied about having my period.

7th grade

I lied about kissing a boy before.

8th grade

I lied about NOT playing with Barbies.

I just -- I lied.

I remember thinking boys were cute but I also remember that nauseating pain in my stomach when any boy had a crush on me.  I remember my first kiss.  I threw up immediately following and I got in trouble for being late to class because of it.  There was spit.  I swear I could feel his thick spit in my mouth... if I think about it now, I'll gag.

Anyhoo, I remember being a kid but also swearing in front of my friends I was MORE of an adult than a kid.  It wasn't cool to be a kid kid.  Rather, everyone was striving to prove their adult-o-meter was tipping the scale.  **eye roll**

Munch is there.  As in, she's definitely in the eye of the middle school storm.  She's developing.  She's got boys who like her, she's got sports teams she's trying out for, she's got girl drama, she's got a locker she wants to decorate, and she's got so much more.  It's annoying actually... now that I'm an adult adult, it's just annoying.

One of the really annoying aspects of this stage is her lack of willingness to go all out anymore.  Case and point:  Halloween.  She has a short list of costume ideas.

To clarify, she wants to be Where's Waldo.  ** EYE ROLLS*

Islanders, my kid wants to wear jeans and a striped shirt because, "well, mommy.  I already have the glasses and shirt.  I really only need the hat."

Waldo?  Does no one else see the lack of pizzazz in that?  NO?!  Just me?  Anybody?  Moving on...

I've decided to share some thrift store ideas for affordable costumes that meet the middle schooler's requirements:  cute, creative, but not TOO much.

I actually love the ideas we came up with and I love that one could easily tweak them for any age.  All of the costumes are kid-tested, kid-approved and kid-modeled.  This week, join us for the UN-costume series using clothes you can find in your closet or at your local thrift store for cheap!

I'm getting excited :)

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