Monday, October 23, 2017

An UN-costume: The Pineapple.

On a trip to Goodwill, Munch and I stumbled upon a yellow Ralph Lauren ruffle dress.  It cost $2.98!  Guess what!  The same dress costs $45 retail on the website:

How was I to pass up such a steal?!  I wasn't.  I didn't.  We bought it.  Munch has worn dresses like this her entire life.  It looks great with sneakers or flats or sandals... dressed up or dressed down; it's a classic.  We decided to use it in our un-costume series and we found three different ways to make it a costume.

First up?  The pineapple.

This costume is all about the topper.  Pair it with any yellow shirt or dress and you're guaranteed to look amazing with minimal effort.

To make the head piece, I used cardstock I had on hand and some green construction paper from Dollar Tree.  It took 4 pieces of paper.

1.  Cut the paper in strips (4"x 2.5"). 

2.  Cut the tops of the strips to curve like leaves.  

3.  Glue the body of the leaves around the paper roll (either toilet paper or paper towel rolls will do). 

*Tip:  If you run your nail down the center of the leaves, they'll curl to look more authentic*

For the base, glue the roll to a square piece of paper about the same size.  

Then, glue the base to a hair clip and place another piece on the underside of the hair clip.  All done!

The kid was all smiles and, as we discussed, that's a major accomplishment at this stage of life.

We captured some great pictures in front of a mural painted on the side of a smokehouse restaurant.

She insisted on rocking her flamingo purse with the costume.  Doesn't she look like she's off to a costume day party with friends... without her mom chaperone?

Good thing she wasn't.  I might've needed medical attention.  I'm not ready for that whole 'mom, just drop me off and leave me' life.  Anyhoo, Munchface loved the costume.  The bold color and headpiece is the perfect balance of fun and cute. One could replace the dress with a shirt and leggings.  OMG!  Check out this awesome idea for the pumpkin too:


It would even be cute with a work-appropriate dress for the office party... or a yellow onesie or dress for a baby!

Whatever the case, I was happy with the $5 price tag and the [pine]APPLE of my eye loved the costume for its simplicity and boldness.

Stay tuned for another easy costume tomorrow!

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