Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 27: Gum Ball Machine Costume

These last few days of our Dollar Tree (DT) series, we're counting down to Halloween.  In celebration of one of our favorite -- pause -- yes, we love HALLOWEEN.  No, we don't drink blood.  No, we don't go all scary and junk BUT we like to dress-up and we love some candy.  GO with it!  Now, where was I?  Oh, in celebration of one of our favorite holidays, we're going to share some easy and cheap costumes.  All of these costumes can be made with a few dollars and a few minutes.  First up?  The easiest gumball machine costume ever.

Supplies (purchased from DT)
- Construction Paper Pad
- Large Bowl
- Hot glue gun
- Circle paper punch
- Poster board
- Marker


For the gumball machine top:

Step 1.  Trace a large bowl onto the poster board and cut it out.

Step 2. Use the paper punch to create circles in the construction paper.  Stack multiple sheets to save time.

Step 3.  Glue the paper punches in your large circle.  Keep in mind this is your gumball area of your machine; you should pile them more at the bottom.

Step 4.  Use the poster board to cut a small square that will serve as the price tag.

Step 5.  Glue your square to the bottom of your circle and write the price on it.

Optional: Glue string for it to hang around your neck or simply hold it up in front of your shirt.

For the headband:


If you choose to use the small styrofoam spheres (sold 3/pack) be sure to buy the paint kit to paint them.  Once they're painted, glue your spheres to the headband.


If you choose to use craft poms, glue them to your headband in a row or a cluster.


We purchased one of the small spools of tulle DT sells and cut short strips.  Holding it tightly in the center, we used one of Munch's hair ball accessories like these:

We secured one around the center of our tulle strips and then used another to adhere the tulle "flower" to the headband.  Once it was secure, we glued craft poms and curling ribbon to create a pile of gumballs!  It turned out super cute!

For the hair:

We pulled Munch's hair into a high side bun.  We used braiding hair (Marley hair) to make it large and whimsical.  Be sure you pull your bun up on the SAME side as your headband detail!!  If you're looking for an added detail, consider covering your bun with poms.  You could glue them to bobby pins and poke them through.

For the makeup:

We found some great makeup at DT!

We put the Milani hot coral color (far left) on Munch's lips and used the fuchsia color (center) to draw the cheek circles.  The Maybelline Color Tattoo pigment (far right) was used on her eyes.  All of this makeup was really pigmented and super easy to work with!  Don't forget to check your DT for discounts on your beauty supplies, you'll be surprised at what you find!

Step 6:  Put on your headband, all red OR red pants and a white shirt and get ready to WOW!

If you aren't a fan of the construction paper, feel free to use the craft poms (also sold at DT).  They're great and would've been my preferred 'gumballs' if this were Munch's actual Halloween costume, if they were in my budget (we'd need multiple packs) and if my DT had them (we could only find Christmas- and Halloween-colored poms).

Would you believe Munch was AWFUL with the bubble gum?

I'll share a video on the Facebook page but, just know, she barely got a bubble.  Despite her efforts, I wasn't about to go buy a pack just so she could find the recipe that fit her bubble-blowing preferences.

It's blurry but you can see her face.  She's trying to remain as still as possible to keep that itty-bitty bubble from popping.  Whatevs.

You can take this same concept and use poms to cover a white tee:

Or a baby's hat:

How perfect would it be for a pregnant belly?

There are lots of possibilities with this idea and our tutorial works for both kids and adults! Don't be shy!  Dress up for Halloween (without breaking the bank) and pass out smiles and candy to your visitors!


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