Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mums-to-Be Is the Word.

The following message is labeled:
For Official Celebration Use Only!

Islander agents,

This just in: today, April 4, we're 20 weeks along and half-way done with the torture of waiting to meet God bay-bay! Now, onto the REAL classified stuff...

I have made some serious decisions about God baby's shower.  First, I could only keep some stuff a secret... Before you get all *eye roll* and *tisk tisk tisk,* hear me out!

1.  The event will be hosted at the parents-to-be's home (to keep it convenient for them) so the date/time won't be a surprise...
2. Mommy-to-be is all, "I don't want to be a bother, we don't need a shower.  I don't want you to stress..." ... WELL, either I'm all big and strong and can bully any pregnant lady around OR I guess my excitement is contagious because I got the news that she would let me move forward with operation shower.  *singing* I'm boss-ay

Naturally (as any excited person would do), when I got my marching orders, I couldn't help but blurt out a few things... Oops?  Whatever, sometimes it's good to celebrate the blessings of others WHICH is one of the many reasons I love what I do. Who can still be mad at a sweet Jesus-lovin' planner after a statement like that?

...AND I have a confession, I kinda have been sharing a little more than I should... IDK. I'm excited. Don't judge, lol.  Let's just BRUSH over that topic, shalllll we?

So, I was in Babies 'R Us shopping for a baby shower gift and fell in LOVE with the FAO Shwarz clothing line.  Known for its classic and smart design, the baby clothing lived up to my FAO expectations.  I wanted every little over-priced piece of pink yumminess... Then, it hit me. THAT'S what having little girls is all about.  The cute accessories and fun prints!  The theme hit me when I saw this adorable hat:


I've already started planning the day and I can not WAIT to share the deets!  Let's just say, you will see my own spin on the following:

Dessert Display

The parents-to-be are kinda snobby when it comes to sweets so there's no doubt yummies MUST be delish. I'm going to ensure they're pretty... We'll have ruffle and bow cupcakes, cookies and ruffle cake pops in a variety of flavors.

Backdrop Drama

Look at this mega-monster ruffle backdrop!

::Wipes drool::Passes out::Wipes again::

I can't.  SERIOUSLY? I do have time to figure it out. I can, right? I can't... Maybe? I can!  Stay tuned to see if I decide that I can make an EASY version for the photo booth.

O yes, we're having a...

Photo Booth

When I saw these $10 baby shower photo props, I knew I had to create the perfect 'All Girl, All Day' photo-op! 

I just think they're the cutest!


This is baby #2 so we won't do all of the typical baby shower games... I'm thinking we'll keep it pretty simple:

- Onesie decorating competition.  Onesie and bow sugar cookies with all the fixin's for the competition.

- Raffle.  Guests who bring __ (books? bows? diapers?) will be entered to win a prize.

- Baby bump.  Have guys untie 1 shoe, put a balloon under their shirt and the first to tie their shoes (without popping the balloon) will win.

:::The Code:::

skjgfsjklf;fgklkdfhgfdghOPERATION dfgskdfhugsdligsdg HUSH skdjfhsdkfjhgsdkfjgs/dlfkmgYO' sgljfsdhgksdhfg.lkdfjg/lkMOUTH is in FULL effect.  So shh, ;kfhser;gihsdfkjgnsd.fjkgns.dfjg  sldfhgs.dkfngs.dkfjghsd;lig fs;df gjsl kdfgjs;dklfj gs;fgsfdg sfjgsldkfgv  ikjasfldk fgskdfhugsdligs fgskdfhugsd ligs fgskdfhugsdligs fgskdfh ugsdligs fgskdfhug sdligs fgskdfhugs dligsfgskdfhugsdl igs fgskdfh ugsdligs fg skdfhugsdligsfgskdfhugs dligsfgskdfhugsdligs  fgskdfhugsdligs fgskdfhugs dligsfgskdfhugsdligs fgsk dfhugsdligs

 Not necessarily for you but...for me.

I'm excited and busy so I must plan well in advance.  OK, so no more... MUMS-to-be (get it? lol) IS THE WORD. I'll try to remain quiet.

I just >.< 

It just >.< 

Can't I just >.<

Ok. I'm done. I think. For now. 

Cheers to labors of love!



  1. How in the owrld did I miss this... I so love how this theme is coming toegther and you are incorporating non traditional items such as the photobooth. I can't wait to see the final product.


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