Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big News; Tiny Blessing

I've been holding some very exciting news.

... and NO, Oprah didn't invite me over... My blogging heroes haven't asked me for a feature... I don't have granite and we didn't win the lotto... STOP GUESSING so I can tell you! 

I'm bubblin' over because...

I'm going to be a God Mommy!

Do you recognize this adorable face?

Of course you do.  It's Chazity, our sister-cousin (as the girls call themselves) and an immediate extension of our little family.  Well, she's going to be a...

This is the picture sent to announce the news to family & friends. Don't mind the facials, she was very excited about the baby... Just MORE excited that it was Christmas morning at this particular moment.

Let me tell you, she gets her cuteness from her pretty mommy (and MY sister-cousin), Deborah.

Now, back to my news...  This belly:

 ...serves as the cozy place where my God baby grows.  You may be wondering, why today?!

Reason 1:  Yesterday, we found out what we're (you see it... WE'RE) having and I just got off the spaceship that took me to the moon & back thought I'd share my exciting news with all of you...

Reason 2:  4 years ago, Deborah's mom passed away and today, March 29, is her mom's birthday. 

Days like today are hard, 'nuffsaid. 

But God, the author of time and manager of the master calendar, took one of the hardest days of the year for Deborah and gave her a reason to celebrate. 

People say when infants smile, it's because angels are whispering to them... I know God baby's grandma has all kinds of funny stories to tell her grandbaby and I can't wait for many of those random doses of adorableness! Literally, my camera is ready, lol.

Just another reminder to celebrate the little (and not-so little) blessings we have.


Now, Islanders, you know me well enough to EXPECT that I've been planning the shower for both sexes since I found out we were pregnant, right? 

O, don't give me that look, I had to focus my excitement all this time!

Here's what was in daddy-to-be's Christmas stocking; best present ever!

You can expect that I'll be sharing the shower deets with all of you (when the nosey mommy-to-be isn't reading).  I just really wanted to take a moment and congratulate one of my very-best friends in the whole-wide world on OUR tiny blessing.  God knew what He was doing when He sent you into my crazy life.  Thanks for always being there for me and for allowing me to share this special time with you!  I, an obsessive-nerdy-eccentric-dramatic {God}mommy-to-be, take my responsibilities very seriously and will not be all crazy and controlling or squeal too many times with excitement but support you however you need.  I will do whatever it takes to be the best God mommy ever!  Think about it... If it takes a village to raise a child and I've got an entire ISLAND of folks to share the ups and downs with, I think it's safe to say, we're good!

This is my first god baby so, as you can imagine, it's pretty much *like* I'm giving birth, lol. We're due in August...  I want the shower to be extra special, I want the nursery to be extra fabulous, I will be making little onesies and tutus and headbands and taking loads of pics and kidnapping every other day- You get the point. I am, simply put, excited to celebrate our tiny blessing...

Stay tuned for buckets more of my ramblings on this topic... Between my weddings, the parties, the birthday, my OUR baby, the shower and life in general, I'll be CRAFT CENTRAL!

It hit me AGAIN! I've got a shower to plan, a nursery to decorate and a baby to kiss in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!

What tiny blessing are you celebrating today?



  1. Love it! I'm the same way with my soon to be niece and nephew. Speaking of guest posting, if you wanted to hide a project from your cousin you could guest post over with me and then repost it on yours once the shower comes. That's what I did with a couple of my projects for my sister-in-law's baby shower. She's nosey like that. LOL! Let me know what you think.

  2. Awwww Congrats Deb and C! Can't wait to see all of the baby festivities that I know are going to be Fan-TAB-ulous!


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