Thursday, January 24, 2013

Made In Paris - The Gallery.

The week before the shower, I headed to Dom and Sheena's to snap some pics for shower decor.  I wanted to create that Paris art gallery feel and use the photos to fill some of the blank space on the wall.  When I host events, I always think of affordable ways to have a big bang.  Some will splurge and focus on the small details that just don't translate well in a space.  Others will focus their energy on 1 aspect of decor... like a feature table... Have I told you how annoyed I am with feature tables?

I'm sure I have but let me just say it again:  Feature tables are great... If and only IF you take the time to invest some energy in other event elements! Nothing is more annoying than walking into a party that has this pretty party table with stuff no one is allowed to touch and nothing anywhere else... OR boring games... Focus on the event and use the feature table to enhance the decor story!

Now,  back to the gallery... For the gallery's purpose, I edited the photos quickly on It's a great site that allows you easy use of tons of features!  There are others but when was purchased by Google, this was the first I found and I haven't looked back.

Quick and Easy Gallery

I was going to type up a step-by-step but... eh.  It's almost too simple.

I edited the photos, pasted them in a powerpoint and printed them on good ol' computer paper.  I then cut them out and taped them to foam core board I purchased from the Dollar Tree.  1 board for every picture.  I then added butterflies to add a touch of unifying decor.

These pics had a HUGE impact... They filled the walls, gave guests some things to look at and encouraged folks to walk around and mingle while admiring the images.  Would you believe this decor only cost $7?!  I am certain I would've spent more at a party store on "baby shower" decor and not had HALF the impact... 

Classy.  Beautiful. Unique.

Words every event planner wants to hear about their original decor designs :)

How can you make your next event special? 


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