Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Made In Paris - Buffet des Desserts

We've discussed the dessert awning and NOW it's time to share the yummy sweets on di-splayee on di-splayee (RHONJ for yo' mind!).

Sheena and I laughed all throughout her pregnancy. I think we may have laughed every time we spoke... Sheena's infectious laugh bubbles up from her soul.  You know the laugh when you cry and then have to take deep breaths to stop laughing... The one where you wish you could STOP laughing for a second... I have one that makes me cough and then I feel like I might puke because I'm laughing so hard... Yea, that one.  We shared that one on, just-about, a daily basis.  I think her hormones think I'm hilarious...  I also think they KNOW she is, lol.

During our conversations, I learned a lot about the pregnant version of my friend Sheena.  I believe that when women become pregnant, their bodies are kidnapped by an alien and they are forced to reintroduce themselves to the people around them(if only the alien that took over my body left her boobies *wishful thinking*)... Pregnant Sheena has a thing for sweets... and fruit...O and bread.  Not necessarily veggies, though. 

At the shower, I knew we had to have a sweets display!  After all, I'm in the business of belly gets what belly wants, ya dig?

I purchased the silver platters on sale from Michael's and the white(plastic) platters from Party City.  Both types of platters were for a great price, however, another budget-friendly option is to use scrapbook paper as mock platters.  Simply cut the paper to the size you need and place it on the table OR cut the paper to the size of a paper plate's center or Dollar Tree platter to help unify your theme :)

Mini black&whites
(from Target)

Mini Lemonade & Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes
(from Gabie's Goodies Bakery)

We'll talk a little more about the cupcake toppers in a future tutorial.  They are SO easy and SO cute, right??

Red Velvet Brownies
(from Walmart)


I worked with my dear baker, Misty of Girl Meets Cake, to create the PERFECT cake for Sheena!  Damask and stripes? That bow? The butterfly details?! OMG, it made for a conversation piece worthy for my sweet pregos! 

O and, because mommy went to Paris after her Retro Party, that topper was a souvenir from her trip.  Authentic and actually FROM Paris? I love.

Misty also made some yummy cake pops that were a hit(you can kinda see them in the full patisserie photo above)!


I used white wrapping paper to cover the base of the desk.  It really made for a polished presentation!

The other sweets(muffins, pretzel sticks, donut holes, etc.) were on the buffet tables but we'll talk about THAT a little later...

During the wrap-up, please keep in mind that my goal was to host a fabulous event for a fabulous event planner. I did not focus on the typical BABY shower decor.  In the photo above, can you see the frames, the butterflies and the pretty papers?  I used those elements to unify the space but no need to get into that stuff right now.  I'm going to get something for this sugar high and you tune in tomorrow to begin the decor discussion with a tutorial!

There's so much to share that I just can't wait :)



  1. Gorgeous, as always! I can't wait for the cupcake toppers. So cute!

  2. ...each and every-day, every-day. Haha! RHONJ

  3. Some very yummy looking treats here! It is very tempting indeed.


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