Thursday, January 17, 2013

Made In Paris - Half Poms.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm ahead of the trends.  Yea, that's right. I *like* AM the trend.  What?! Welcome to my island, lol.  It's a place where I'm the bomb, where my ideas are *like* boss AND where I encourage others to feel the same way about their talents and blessings too.  Now, back to the topic...

No, seriously. 

I created a craft album and started documenting my crafts, get this, 5 years ago.  While other folks used facebook to post pictures of people(I did that too), I was taking pictures of brown bag lunches at my kid's birthday party, get this, 5 years ago. 

Disclaimer:  Now, this could TOTALLY be all in my head but... As we just discussed, my island, my thoughts.
All of a sudden, it seemed everyone became an event planner.  Everyone was taking pictures of their brown bag lunches at birthday parties and posting them on facebook.  Some of my signature event things were seen in other people's albums, on other people's kids... What the--

SURELY, I'm not the only one with a bright idea and everyone is entitled to do what's best for them and I'm excited to drool over other people's pics and such...

I do, however, remember when it felt like it was just me and Martha.  All alone on a swarovski crystal boat floating on Shirley Temple seas heading to Fabulous Island...  I remember when people were AMAZED at the tissue paper poms I made for Munch's nursery 6 years ago(which in pom years is FOREVER ago).

SHOOOOoOoooooOOot.  Now, everyone has poms at their parties.  It's like a sign that you're not the average hostess.  DUH! 


For the Made In Paris shower, I knew I wanted poms but I didn't want them to hang from the ceiling.  After seeing 2,936,427,856 events with lop-sided poms sloppily dangling from the ceiling, I have a pet peeve with them.  I actually started putting them on tops of tall jars as an innovative decor item.  How could I make this now-typical party decor item DIFFERENT for me?

I know!  Split them in half and adhere them to the wall for a textured effect. OMG! That's it!

I purchased a variety of pom kits from Party City. 

1.  Split the poms in half.

2.  Cut the enclosed ribbon(or wire depending on the package) in half.

3.  Fluff according to package directions.  Remember, you're only going to fluff a semi-sphere so leave the back flat.  It will make hanging the decoration easier.

4.  Tape to the wall...

Aren't they gorgeous?

So, for every 1 pom, you get 2 half poms. SAY WHAT?!  How awesome is THAT for budget?! 

Twice the bang for your buck also meant twice the labor... Ugh.  That means I had 30 half poms that required fluffing?! Allow me to introduce and thank my lady in waiting, Lauren.  Dom's cousin made herself available to help with whatever I needed... TO INCLUDE fluffing poms for O... about 2 hours.  She was a great help and we chatted until LATE into the night while setting up.

The half poms were a part of the feature wall above the brunch buffet... Tomorrow, we'll talk about the food and buffet table decor. See you there!



  1. Lol, I love the intro! Too many new found planners but they don't got that Tabby glitter and shimmy!

  2. Tabby you're one of a kind girlie. Thanks for the shout...I remember it as you talking and me cracking up. ;)


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