Friday, February 6, 2015

Frugal Friday - The Flower Loot

During one of my recent shopping trips with Mom, I hit the jackpot!

We were in Goodwill when I noticed some of the artificial floral arrangements above a rack of clothing.  I grabbed a single branch of fabulous life-like artificial flowers in search of its price.  There wasn't a price.  Odd.  I pulled another bunch from the box.  Again, no price.

I looked on the box and noticed several price tags.  All of them read the same and I was almost certain it wasn't for the box... maybe for each stem?  It was a little pricey for each individual stem but I just held up a branch with the the tags still on it so I know most sell for more than that sticker in retail shops. Surely, that price isn't for the box.  It can't be true.  I asked the friendly sales associate to confirm the price with a manager.

While she disappeared to the back, I wiggled and happy danced in front of with mom to rub it in her face.  This was about to be MAJOR.  This box was huge, had an assortment of beautiful bunches and all of them still had the original price tags on them.  I pulled Pier One branches and, Islanders, do you have any idea how much those cost?

The associate returned with the news that the stickers on the BOX were correct.  The entire box was only $6.99!!!!  I was just so excited.  Major, I tell you.  MAJOR.

I spent one evening sorting the flowers; I had to carve out time to appreciate and enjoy meeting all of my new flowers.

That night I spent an hour squealing, jumping, and planing for arrangements to come; it is going to be awesome!  Check out some of my loot:

Half the fun of shopping in thrift stores is the constant change of inventory!  You just never know what you'll stumble upon!

Visit your local shops to see what you can find!

Happy arranging!


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