Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DIY Carpet/Mattress Freshener

Yesterday, I shared some of my go-to products for our Spring (and everyday) cleaning.  I didn't share my all-time favorite product.  It is 100% all-natural, super cheap, doesn't have a smell (so it combines with other products perfectly) and has a multitude of uses.
In our last apartment (before purchasing the townhome), we had HUGE water bugs.  They climbed through the old pipes in our bathroom and were seen on a number of occasions crawling slowly down our hallway; they were so large that they had a shadow.  A SHADOW!  I freaked out because, well, I don't do bugs *like* at all.  One of our older neighbors said to find Borax.  I researched and learned there were a number of household uses for it.  Per Ms. Pat's guidance, I dumped a teaspoon of Borax (sold in the detergent department) down our drains every other night with warm water and NEVER saw a water bug again.
I opened our windows and doors and sprinkled it in the track.  It prevented ants and seasonal bugs from entering our home.  I used it in a paste form (with water and lemon) and scrubbed our sinks... I became a HUGE fan of Borax.  It cleans really well and removes bugs, bacteria and stains!
One of my favorite cleaning recipes using Borax is for a carpet and mattress freshener.  I use this mix because it kills dust mites (along with other mites found in carpets and mattresses), it's super easy and it smells awesome!
 How about that graphic I created for the tutorial?  Go ahead and Pin It to your Pinterest boards, lol.  It's much prettier than a pic of the supplies to make it but... eh, if that's what you prefer...
- Borax
-  Baking Soda
- Powdered Detergent of your choice (for scent)
- A container to store your mixture (jar, parmesan cheese container, old carpet freshener container... basically anything with a lid and/or the ability to scoop or sprinkle your mixture). I saved an old plastic orange juice container like this one:
1. Fill 1/4 of your container with powder detergent.
2.  Add 1-2 tablespoons of Baking Soda (depending on your container's size.
3.  Fill container until about 3/4 full with Borax
4. Replace the lid and shake the mixture until well blended.
5.  Add powdered detergent.  Take care NOT to over-fill your container.  Remember, you need room to combine the ingredients AND to replace the lid.
6.  Replace lid and shake.
VOILA! You have home-made carpet/mattress freshener.
For Carpets
1.  Sprinkle mixture onto rugs and allow it to sit for one hour.  This step is critical to ensure the Borax has the time to kill all dust mites.
2.  Vacuum the mixture from carpets
For Mattresses
1.  Sprinkle mixture onto the mattress.
2.  Use a damp rag (warm water) or a wet scrub brush to work the mixture into the mattress.
3.  Allow the mixture to dry for one hour.
4.  Use the hose attachment on your vacuum to remove any dried powder.
Yep, you've officially cleaned your mattress and your carpets will smell laundry fresh!  When I'm lazy, I'll just scoop some detergent and sprinkle borax on top; it does the same work!
Wanna learn 25 additional uses for Borax to include: age spot remover, mattress stain remover, laundry detergent booster, bed bug remover, rust and mildew remover and SO MANY MORE?!  Check out this informative post here.
Happy cleaning the natural and affordable way!


  1. I love this product! Didn't know it had so many other uses! I just used It for laundry. Thanks Tabby! I'll be trying these recipes. Any recommendations for maid services in the area?

  2. Wow! Your DIY steps on carpet and upholstery cleaner is very detailed. It even has specific instructions for carpets and mattresses. I'll definitely be bookmarking your post and recommend that formula to friends. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Sheryl Patton @ Xtream Clean

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