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Spring Cleaning: Go-To Products

Howdy, Islanders!
 Our Spring kitchen table décor.
We've decided to handle the bulk of our Spring cleaning ourselves and to purchase a deal for a maid service to outsource the things I hate (baseboards, fans, window sills, etc.).  While I work through the nooks and crannies, I realize that I've become a cleaning product junkie.
Product Junkie: a term used to describe a curly girl's addiction to finding the perfect hair product.  Earlier in my transition, I would purchase any product that guaranteed to minimize frizz, increase curl definition, retain moisture... basically, cure the worst of my hair and ONLY highlight the best of my locs :)
In this connotation, I've become addicted to cleaning products.  Over the years, I've purchased hardwood floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners, etc.  I've learned some valuable lessons along the way AND this week, I'm talking about cleaning!
I'm sharing some of my go-to cleaning products, tips, home recipes and more!  I may not be an expert but I'm willing to share what works for me.  Let's get to it, shall we?

We've had hardwood floors in both of our homes and, BOY, have I had lots of trial-and-error with products.  I've found for my floors (hardwood and tile) my fave cleaner is Mop & Glo.  I've used most of the cleaners out there for hardwoods (and tile and vinyl) but this is the best all-around product for shining, protecting and cleaning.
It gets tough stains (food splatters and even pee puppy's stains in the old place) up without too much elbow grease.
Squirt in an S-pattern onto the floor and use a damp mop (going with the wood grain and planks) for a great clean.  Easy enough, right?  Now for the confession.
I also have to share that I'm not married to a particular brand.  That said, I LOVE the OrangeGLO hardwood mop/pad.
I love that I can wash the pad for reuse! 
SO, my floor cleaning combo is to use the OrangeGLO mop with the Mop & Glo cleaner and it works great!  Don't believe me that this product works? Well, it's on Amazon's Expert Cleaning Crew list.
 I'm such a pro with this Mop & Glo stuff that I'm considering using the Professional line, lol.
Don't get me wrong, I use other products for tile floors (namely, bleach) to ensure my bathrooms and high traffic areas are sparkling but Mop & Glo makes for a great daily cleaner in those areas also.
Countertop Surfaces
I've professed my love of bleach in the past.  I don't know what it is but a hint of its signature scent just makes my home feel cleaner.  While I love the scent, I would get so annoyed with the requirement to dilute the cleaner and carry a heavy bucket around; it was so annoying.
On a recent trip to the grocery store, I found the answer to my issues:
Can you see it? READY TO USE Bleach.   It smells like bleach but removes the pain of diluting and lugging a heavy bucket.  I bought it two months ago for *like* $2.00 and I still have plenty (more than half) left.  It's great for those areas I want to be SURE are clean (kitchens and bathrooms).  I also like to use a little on my window sills and doorknobs.
I still use the lemon Pine-Sol (thanks, Sheena) or Fabuloso (the cleaning lady at my job blends it with bleach and it smells really nice) to top it off.
I use Murphy's clean & shine oil.  It goes a VERY long way.
I take one paper towel and swipe it quickly under warm running water.  IDK why but a few drops of water break up the oil.  This easy step trades a greasy appearance for a wet-look shine.  I wipe down all wooden surfaces using this method and the Murphy's oil soap will keep it shining until you use it again (my dining room table glistens even when it's covered in dust, you just don't realize it until you touch it). 
General Cleaners
I love Mrs Meyers as surface cleaners (organic, environmentally friendly and they all smell great).
 Fabuloso as a deodorizer (after I've deep-cleaned with another product OR mixed with bleach):
Lemon Pine-Sol as a surface cleaner.
Scrubbing Bubbles for the tub/shower.
Plink as a weekly (Sundays) garbage disposal cleanser.
I also have a few other go-to tips and products that I'll be sharing throughout this week. 
I'm no neat-freak but, as I stated earlier, I know what works for me.  If you've been looking for quality affordable products, check out any on this list.
Have you started to Spring clean?  Something about this breeze makes me want to open my windows and blast some old school music while we clean and organize the house.
Do you have any go-to products? Do share in the comments!

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