Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 26: Kitchen Gadgets You'll Love!

As the last week of our Dollar Tree (DT) series comes to an end, I'm cramming more information into the posts! Today, we're talking about my faves found in the kitchen gadget aisle.

Seriously, Betty Crocker is *like* Martha Stewart of kitchen gadgets.  

When I saw her name on the DT kitchen gadgets, I knew it was a brand I could trust.  I've pulled together a list of my favorite items and I'm sure you'll agree that they are well-worth the $1 price tag!

1.  Double Scraper/Spreader

This is a hard plastic scraper/spreader.  I love it because it is both a large AND small spatula in one.  You know those pesky small jars that are hard to scoop out of?  Well, they're no longer an issue with this baby!  It's awesome!

2.  Silicone Basting Brushes

These brushes make basting or seasoning meats a breeze and, unlike the traditional brushes, they last for a long time!  I've had my brush for a really long time and it is still in great condition!

3. Kitchen Scissors

I got an awesome counter top knife set from my dad and it came with a great pair of kitchen scissors.  They were sharp and fit into the slot in the butcher block so I could easily access them when I needed to... they worked perfectly but guess what.  THE HANDLE broke.  I wasn't about to replace the scissors with a fancy pair because I didn't use them for hardcore cutting.  These DT beauties get the job done and I like that they're a bright white; I can tell when they need a good cleaning!

4.  Pizza Cutter
I don't know why but my pizza cutters seem to disappear.  I was thrilled to see Betty has a pizza cutter at DT.  OMG, I LOVE this pizza cutter.  It's got a huge blade so I don't burn my knuckles on cheese as I use it to cut my slices.  Also, if it happens to grow legs and walk away, with the $1 price tag, I don't mind replacing it!

5.  Cheese Graters

Yes, I pluralized this item because DT sells two graters that I really like.  One of which is the Betty Crocker brand:

I like Betty's version because it has a [detachable] catcher for cheese (or garlic or carrots or whatever).  There's also another cheese grater I'm a fan of.

I love the long handle and the option for 3 different slice options for the grater.  Either one would make a great addition to any kitchen.

6.  Casserole Storage Containers
I love the Betty Crocker large storage containers.  They're perfect for storing large portions of food.  Shoot, they're great for pantry and refrigerator storage.
I also appreciate that they come in two shapes - rectangular and round - and in two large sizes - 50 oz and 96 oz.  Rubbermaid brand offers comparable sizes for much more at large retailers.  In our place, it doesn't matter the brand, we will misplace tops or leave it at a friend's house.  For $1, I don't mind losing or leaving these containers at a pot luck!

Islanders, are you looking for kitchen gadgets?  Would you like to save a few bucks per piece?  If you answered yes, head over to DT and refresh your kitchen supplies for less!


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