Monday, October 12, 2015

Day12: Michael's Dupes At Dollar Tree

We're continuing our 31 Days of Change series.   New to the island? You can learn more here.  
Today, we are talking about the Halloween decor that's found at Michael's for 5+ times MORE than the same items at the Dollar Tree (DT).  While shopping at Michael's for an  upcoming fall wreath tutorial, I decided to browse the Halloween aisles... because who goes to Michael's to shop ONLY for what they came for?  I know what you're thinking and yes, I told myself this DT challenge would be the perfect reason to avoid big chain craft stores... Truthfully, I should've listened because I found the same Halloween decor ridiculously priced at Michael's.  

Confessions and lessons of a cheap craft-a-holic, I guess.

Just to give you an idea of the Michael's dupes at the Dollar Tree, I'm sharing a few below.

That fabulous sparkle spider is priced at $6 but I got the same spider at DT for $1.  Didn't my DT sparkle spider  make the perfect embellishment on our wreath?

I promise you, if these aren't exactly the same, they are twin sisters with the only difference being DT sells the skinnier sister with much longer model legs.  Other items include these mini tinsel wreaths Michael's has for $9.

On a recent trip to DT, I was looking for the larger wreath forms and our DT didn't have any.  I was bummed but Munch was motivated and she used the DT small wreath form and some tinsel garland to create a similar wreath (the same size) for half the price!  Here's another crazy thing, the garland Munch used was identical to this one at Michael's.

I know.  Michael's has the exact tinsel garlands as DT?!  Yep... I mean, the Michael's garlands may be slightly longer (2 feet, I believe) and a little more plush but, for the price difference, can you beat DT?  No, no you cannot. 

You see Munch in the DT tinsel garland section... Aren't their garlands adorable?  In the above photo, she is selecting her garland to use for her wreath.  After nearly an hour looking for ideas, I was stumped.  Sensing that I was struggling and ready to go home, Munch in a very matter-of-fact tone said, "Mommy, all you have to do is use this and wrap-n-wrap-n-wrap until you're done."  I couldn't deny her idea; it was legit.

I told her she was amazing and awesome and I - cheap crafty mama - I agreed to buy supplies and let her make the wreath.  Guess what.  She agreed to share the tutorial with all of you.  I know.  You're welcome.

Stay tuned for the tutorial tomorrow!  Oh, and before you spend money anywhere else on Halloween decor, check out your local Dollar Tree; they have amazing finds at affordable prices!

Make your SPOOKY SPARKLE... for less!


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