Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 9: Bathroom Cabinet Storage Solution

To conclude the posts about the container section of the Dollar Tree (DT), I'm sharing a space I didn't realize needed some attention, Munchface's bathroom cabinet.

I was on a roll! First with Devona's cabinet update, followed by Hubbs' medicine cabinet and, would you believe we were still under $20 with supplies leftover?!  I know.  Superhero status, right?  What do superheroes do when they've saved the world?  They wash their hair.  Duh!

Now, it was time to wash my hair for the first time in weeks.  Don't judge me.  Prior to this day, I hadn't washed my hair since my nephew was born.  Call it a priority shift, haha.  I mean, seriously.  What do you expect?! Wash my nasty bun or rock it one more day and snuggle with my awesome nephew, Maseface?

Do you see that face?  Those cheeks?  Maseface wins every time.  Islanders, he smells as delicious as he looks.  I don't know if you have ever waited a long time to wash your hair... like, so long that you actually forget you have hair until you're running late in the morning and don't have time to wash it.  No?! Just me?!  *shrugs*  In my case, I told myself every morning that TODAY was the day and followed that announcement with a slew of broken promises to wash and deep condition and' well, later never happened.  Eventually, I could remove the pony tail holder and the bun wouldn't move I sat still long enough to think about it and I decided to wash my hair. For real this time.  All I needed was my supplies...

We don't keep shampoo and conditioner in the shower; they aren't used everyday (CLEARLY) and I hated the gunk that would form under the bottles - bleh.  In preparation for the daunting task of washing my hair, I reached under the sink for the -- OMG! What the what?!

After I spent my time organizing somebody else's junk cabinet?  Has this always been such a mess?Islanders, the sight of this mess was like my kryptonite.  Everything is just a mess.  There's not enough heads in this house for all the conditioners we had.  I had to do something.  I pulled the remaining storage pieces, took 10 minutes and crossed that area off of our crappy junk-filled spaces list.

I used 3 containers - a shower caddy and two stackable containers.

It only took $3 and a few minutes to transform mess to marvelous!

The photo is pretty self-explanatory.  Under the toilet paper container, I decided to place those items we rarely use (a hand scrub, the toothbrush charger Munch uses twice a month and a few other items).  Remember, the key to functional organization is to make it LAZY!  

Beside the stackable containers, the shower caddy holds wash day supplies.  This keeps everything I need for our wash routine in one location.  Plus, the caddy has three sections (two large and one small)!  The small section is perfect for the tools used in the wash process and, since I'm the only person who uses this, I'm confident it will look like this from now on.

I used a narrow drawer organizer (sold 3/pack) to hold small products that are easy to get lost among larger hair supplies.  I also left the cleaning supplies out... just there... no organization solution. Yep.  I did that intentionally.  I need the kid (as she is responsible for maintaining this bathroom) to be able to grab-n-go AND put them back without any issues.  

Secretly, I think my subconscious was trying to sabotage my attempt to wash my hair but, because this project only took about five minutes, superhero Tabby to the rescue again!  With this space cleaned up, I was able to wash my hair.  In. Peace.

When was the last time you looked under your sink?  Is it a mess like ours was?  If so, take a few bucks and a few minutes to make it function FABULOUSLY!


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