Monday, November 21, 2011

Mama-Made Monday

There is something about catchy blog titles that motivates me to write.  Mama-Made, hmmm... I likes!  Well, if you follow me on Twitter @CtheFabNLife, then you know I've been excited and preparing for an upcoming guest post.  I had to make something on short funds and, while I feel that's my specialty, it was difficult to narrow the topic.  I couldn't sit down and just throw something on e-paper like I do here.  I mean, this is home to me... So, I put on my Sunday best for company and got focused.

Me. My water in my adult sippy cup. My fuzzy Uggs. O and loud football cheers from the hubs who, no matter how large the sofa is, always manages to have his thigh touching mine ("why are you stretched all across the sofa? Is it so your thigh heat can make my thigh sweat?! UGH.")

I type. Backspace. I- backspace. Am I? Backspace. Sip Water.  sgsldigfuhsreug- backspace. backspace. BACKSPACE!

I just couldn't get motivated to narrow my topic.  OK. Tabitha, breathe.  Relax. Is my heart racing?


That's it. I had to make something to calm me down.  Something pretty and small to keep my mind focused on finishing a project and NOT on writing words that might lead to judgements that might bring out my insecurities, thus, causing sweat stains under my arms.  TMI? Well, if I can't say it here to my FRIENDS then WHO can I say it to...

Sometimes, just sitting still long enough to make something allows me to escape the incomplete projects around my home.  Like that basket of laundry that needs to be folded or that pile of donation items for Goodwill or that sock bin that needs to be matched... Sometimes seeing something through to the end gives me a little sense of completion which motivates me to tackle larger projects... Hmm, maybe this crafting is more like therapy than a hobby... Hot glue for thought.

Anyways, here's what I used to warm-up my creativity. Isn't she lovely?

O cupcake clippie, how I heart thee!  Of course, I'm willing to share a tutorial on here but this post is just to let you know everyone needs a push and sometimes we have to give ourselves a kick in the butt to continue the forward momentum.  Plus, with this cupcake clippie, I had a vision and needed to make sure I could do it before I actually documented the process; tutorial coming, I promise! It was just the perfect dose of Tabby-you-can-do-this that I needed to amp myself up for a guest post over at the CRAZY SUCCESSFUL Your Finances Simplified.  Check this site out for amazing tips to control your finances.  Some of my favorite posts include:

So, yep-yep! Momma's making waves and trying not to let the fear of exposure get me too sea sick :)  Sometimes, I stop and make something to remind myself why I stranded myself on Fabulous island in the first place... So, I did it and here's a sneak peak of 1 of the projects featured:

Do you have projects to check off of your list?

No reason not to start TODAY!


How do you motivate yourself? 

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  1. Thank you for the mention! Your guest post was amazing. I can't wait to expose my readers to your writing style and your tips/tricks!


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