Friday, June 29, 2012

Away Message - Family Time.

Happy Friday, Islanders!

I mentioned the party at my house this weekend, right?

UPDATE: The basement is OFFICIALLY party prepped:

... You probably can't see Darren in his red shirt (on the right) and Hubbs in his gray (on the left) BUT rest assured they BOTH are there.  Hubbs is becoming more and more my grumpy old man, lol.  You know, the one who agrees to a party then wonders why you're moving his stuff for the party? The one who changes the lock on his master bedroom and, all the while, complains about the party that he agreed could occur at his house.  The one who restricts the party to the basement and has to be convinced to allow people to use the bathroom on the main level... We won't mention his movies moment over the weekend because you get the point... That one.  Yes, THAT one.  I am married to that old man.

Hubbs decided, in an effort to ensure our responsible and quiet baby bro has a nice time, he we can't be there. 

Enter FAMILY TIME stage right. 
O and no, I haven't shared these family photos taken back in December so bear with me... they're just too warm-n-fuzzy :)

We're going to do some walking(amusement park? shopping mall? playground? museum?IDK.):

We might have a family dance party because THAT's how we roll:

Munch and I might have a kiss daddy battle (which is like every morning when he's not on my one little good nerve I have left).  What's the battle? Well, here's how my morning went today:

Me (about to walk out the door with Munchface for camp):  O wait, we didn't say bye to daddy...

The kid pushes past me and takes off running for the stairs. Instinctively, I chase after her (I run when other people run.  It's weird, I know.  Don't ask.).

Munch (yelling over her shoulder): Last time, he gave me 3 kisses and you ONLY got 1.

Me: WHAT?! NOT TODAY, little homie!

Hubbs(tucking in his shirt): WHAT THE -
Munch wraps her arms around his thigh and proceeds to kiss his side several times. I start counting the kisses.
Me: 11, 12, 13.

I lean over her and kiss daddy on his neck (aww sookie now) and his cheek a bunch of times. He gives me the side-eye and asks, "whatchu startin'?"

Hubbs leans down and kisses the kid once.  He leans over and kisses me 3 times (Forehead. Nose. Lips. My FAVE combo).

::stomps::eye rolls::arms crossed::

Munch (walking away): NO. FAIR. I'm not tall enough!
Me (following her and cutting my eyes at Hubbs): You won last time... We all get a turn.

Hubbs (from upstairs): Z, come here, I need you to help me carry my sneakers.

The kid sticks out her tongue and takes off running.  I chase because I'm weird to CONFIRM no more kisses because, after all, I WON.

Munch (proudly following me down the stairs with smelly sneakers in hand): You got more kisses TODAY but I got to carry his shoes.

UH, no thanks.  You got it, boo. 

I think it's cute how Munch is everybody's baby. 

A mommy's girl:

AND a daddy's princess:

Pop-Pop's baby, Grandma's diva, her Uncles' buddy... There seems to be enough of her to go around, lol. 


Maybe we'll have time for our favorite activity, family hamster pile naps, lol:


You know those naps when you're not sure where you end and someone else begins?  Well, those are *like* what we do:

Whatever our weekend holds, I'm sure it'll be fun.  Consider this my AWAY message. 

"The blogger you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time... and she's loving it... you should try it! Please write your comment after the beep."

Got anything goin' on?  Want to share recommendations of things to do? 

Feel free to share in the comments!


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