Monday, June 4, 2012

Off Days

Am I the only one who has off days?  Maybe I am, IDK.  In case you don't have those days, allow me to explain.  It's a time when I just - don't.

DON'T want to clean.

DON'T want to cook.

DON'T want to be bothered.

DON'T want to <insert anything here because I don't want to do it>.

I just - don't.

All that said, please excuse me while I embrace my don't moment.  Usually during this time everything is ::exhales:: off.  Hubbs and I are off, Munch is sassy (well, MORE sassy), Pee Puppy is -well- peeing. I turn a corner in my home to find something to add to my to-do list (this wall needs __, this room needs __, I need to take this pile to the Goodwill).  I'm just - UGH.  I think I need a refresher. I need to find my groove because, apparently, I dropped my mama swag somewhere on this course called life.

I miss my clean house.

I miss cuddlin' with sweet Hubbs (again, he's on the last little THIN nerve I have left, lol).

I miss having time to make something.

I know this blog is all about the fabulous life but it's important to embrace those REAL LIFE moments that make you appreciate having a for the most part FABULOUS life.

Again, please excuse me for the day... Maybe tomorrow I'll be back in the groove and ready to report our front yard facelift.  That, after all, is FABULOUS.

Do you have off days? How do you make it through?


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  1. I feel like I'm having an off month. I just don't want to do much but relax and let my tv watch me. Sure hoping to get out this rut soon but my body wouldn't be mad if I didn't lol


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