Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cake. Cups. Curtains.

What do cake, tea cups and curtains all have in common?

They're all new products we've tried within the last week!  Here are some product reviews...

Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Cake Mix

Back in my day, when you wanted Pink Lemonade cupcakes, you either made lemon cake with strawberry icing (or flipped the flavors) or you dumped lemonade Kool-Aid mix into strawberry cake batter.  Well, that was before our recent visit to Target where I stumbled upon a PINK LEMONADE flavored cake/cookie mix and frosting.  So much for the secret recipes and tricks of the good ol' days...
 I bought it.  Munch and I baked it.  Have I mentioned that everything since her kindergarten promotion has been,

"Mommy is this for my graduation? Is this my graduation bow? Are these my graduation socks?  Is this my GRADUATION cake?"

It wasn't.  No, really.  It was my bikini-bodies-can-go-suck-a-lemon cake but O well. I guess it IS her cake now, huh?  After following the box instructions, frosting it and allowing Munch to assign sprinkles a location atop the bikini bustin' baked treat, we tasted it.


It was delish!  The perfect blend of strawberry and lemon - not too much of either flavor.  Everyone who came to my home (we had house guests all weekend, btw) agreed.  I wouldn't tell them the flavor but after 1 bite everyone guessed it.

"Is that -- PINK LEMONADE?! WOW.  That is goooood."

If you happen to try it and like it, you might want to pick up a few boxes. Not only did my Target sell out BUT I was told that it might be a seasonal flavor... 

How perfect is PINK LEMONADE for a summer or a sunshine-themed event? LOVE IT.

Lakeside Collection Oven-Safe Tea Cups

These were a must for Munch's birthday party:

I ordered them from Lakeside Collection (which offers a host of affordable gifts and gadgets for next-to-nothing).  This 8-piece set was only $4.95!

I was so excited when they arrived! Though, I have to say, the quality was slightly disappointing.  The cups were all mis-shaped (very flimsy) and I'm kinda scared to bake in them.  PLUS, they are very small... Probably perfect for Munch's little hands but for the other events I was thinking about (like the tea party baby shower coming up)?  They might get lost in translation.

Despite their small size and quality, they'll be fabulous additions to the place settings at Munch's party.  Maybe I'll test them and let you know more later? IDK.

Extra-Wide Patio Door Curtain

I ordered this curtain in ivory (which totally looks white to me):
I've held a grudge against the plastic vertical blinds that, in Hubbs' words, served us just fine for a few years.  I know, it's not good to hold grudges but the sound they make is SO annoying... Not to mention the swinging effect once they move makes me nauseous.  THEY HAD TO GO. 

When I saw this deal, I couldn't pass it up!  I wasn't sure of the quality so I only ordered 1 panel.

I love it. Check it out:

You see my fancy wine rack? I love that thing. Best birthday gift to:me love:me from a few years ago.

It lets just the right amount of light in AND the grommet top makes sliding on the curtain rod so much easier - PERFECT!


As I try new things I'll be sure to let you know.  Not that it matters but you can trust me to give an honest opinion of the products we try.  I'd like to encourage you to leave a comment if you've tried a new product that rocks (is that even a cool word? IDK). 

Speaking of healthy exchanges of information, anybody know of burn-proof crock pot recipes? I had to throw my crock pot away... I promise it was burning my food (not me or my 12 hour cook times, lol).

Hope your day is sizzlin' hot like my crock pot (RIP)!


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  1. I love Lakeside Collection! They have served me well in times of financial strife, as in now. :)



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