Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Celebration Participation

You won't believe what I'm about to tell you!

Shocker #1 - I had a normal weekend.
Shocker #2 - Hubbs had an old man moment at the movies
Shocker #3 - Munch can write in block letters (better than she writes normally but I would NEVER say that, you hear me?)
Shocker #4 - I attended a baby shower
Shocker #5 - I was in a liquor store for an hour

Crazy, right?!

I know! Read on for more info on the aforementioned Keese Family HOT TOPICS!


It felt good to wake up (when I wanted) Saturday and go for breakfast with the fam.  I sat across from my sun-kissed Munch and learned she writes awesome block letters.  She scribbled (like it was no big deal) and we just sat amazed that we could read what she was writing, lol.  Sometimes, I think she's the cutest...

After breakfast, we planned to see the new Disney movie, "Brave."  That was until Hubbs heard the $40 price for 3D! 

Hubbs: Wait, WHAT?! *looks around to confirm someone else heard it* It costs what?! Wait.  WHAT?! Isn't noon the matinee time? It would cost how much?? O no. Not today.  Not for that.  I could see if it was a movie-movie but for that? WHAT?!

He promised we'd go back at a later time (for the regular movie) so instead, we enjoyed some shopping.

Munch has a new obsession with costume glasses so when we saw this Hello Kitty pair, we HAD to buy them.  What can I say? The kid has swag (which IS a cool word).

We spent the evening hanging out with Chazzy and her mommy registering for god baby's shower. Then headed home to prep for church.


On Sunday, I was a guest - you heard it, a GUEST.  I showed up to a dear friend's baby shower with a gift.  You heard it, just a GIFT.  I didn't have to DO anything and I loved it.  When you're the party planner in your circle you really appreciate those events where you just show up and have fun.

This shower was a surprise for the pretty mommy-to-be so we arrived and waited (me, her other friends AND her chair):

I just love her face in that pic.  I forgot my fancy camera so consider this another instance when cell phone pics prevail! I love taking pretty pictures and I'm glad my phone does not disappoint, lol.

Things I loved:  This was a kid-friendly event!  Now, I like to have a onesie buffet but I LOVED the idea of keeping the kiddies busy with the task of decorating a onesie outside and away from shower activities.  They all lined up and, one-by-one, they presented their onesie to the mommy-to-be. 


Big bro, with his gorgeous green eyes like mommy, made a onesie with his name on it, in his favorite color and with his favorite character.  We all got the giggles - he's already letting baby sis know who's boss!

It was a great time! 

Did I mention that I didn't have to do anything?


Yesterday, June 26, I volunteered to go with my sweet not-so-little brother-in-law for his 21st birthday alcohol purchase.  I don't drink and couldn't recommend anything but he let me share the big moment.

I almost barfed peed fainted at the experience of watching him shop and buy bottles for his party WHICH is going to be hosted at my place on Friday... NO, I won't be there (Hubbs has arranged for us to go on a family weekend) but if you would like to randomly stop by and report back the happenings, let me know!  I'll GLADLY send my address, lol.



Just me... Being a regular person... No big events... No need to rush... No need to stress... Yep.  It's me.  Present and happy to participate in my loved ones' celebrations.

I leave you with a picture of Munch.  In her shades.  With her sassy-McSasster face on.  Swag (my cool word of the day, maybe year) in full effect.

 I hope you're keeping as "cool" as we are this summer!



  1. Hahaha, I am glad I am not the only one shocked over the movie prices!! Lol

  2. Sounds like a great week! You made me laugh too!


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