Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Easy & Cheese- y Cornbread

Hi, Islanders!

Munch is recovering from an ear infection(our little water bug got it from all the pool visits).
She didn't want to take pics? A clear sign she's not feeling well!

Today, I'd normally talk about the weekend but my update would look like this:  sleep, antibiotics, lounge, Disney channel, sleep, lounge, sleep, eat, sleep, church, eat, sleep.

It was great.  Munch did have an upbeat moment after church where she trained Britt on her bridal wave:

"Smart is the new pink"

I just hate when she's sick. 

RANDOM FACT: for some reason, Munchface only wants comfort food when she's sick.  She makes the most random requests...

Chicken soup? Nope. Cabbage. 

Toast?  O NO.  Cornbread.

MmMm. I love cornbread.  My mom is like the BOSS of cornbread.   She makes real cornbread stuffing with chicken wings on top, the sweet cornbread with butter, the mexican cornbread with chili... MMmm, I feel like there's a cornbread recipe for every meal!!

Maybe I love cornbread because it fits every budget.  I have a childhood memory of telling my mom we didn't have ANY of the ingredients listed on the box and, when she responded that all we needed was water, I was doubtful.  Well, until it worked! Tried and true, another reason I love cornbread.  At least when Munch made her request, I had the ingredients and then some... 

Sidebar: Have you ever opened your refrigerator, had something catch your eye and set on a mission to make whatever caught your eye DISAPPEAR?  I stood there with the door open staring at this box wondering how in the WORLD Velveeta made a wrong turn and found its way into my house. 

Nothing against Velveeta lovers... It's just not for me (cheese that has a shelf life of *like* 500 years is just wrong).  At least it WASN'T for me... Until this recipe made me a Velveeta believer (OMG, I typed BelieBer and took a giggle break before I could continue- ha ha).

Velveeta Cornbread Muffins

Follow the package instructions for mixing the cornbread.  Fill the greased muffin tin half-way with cornbread batter.  Top with 1 slice of Velveeta cover with cornbread batter.  Bake according to package instructions.  Makes 6-8 muffins.

I served this with cabbage and yummy baked chicken.  It was perfect for the cooler weather we've been having and REALLY added the perfect contrast to the meal.  Note: these are best served burning-your-mouth hot warm. 

Not a Velveeta fan?  Try pepper jack or sharp cheddar cheese, I'm sure they'll be even better!

OMG!  Where's my easy button because this was the PERFECT easy and cheese-y recipe.  ENJOY!



  1. Poor Munch! I hated it when my girls would get ear infections! Hope she feels better soon!


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