Monday, July 2, 2012

Fanciful Nothin' - The Weekend.

In my dreams, my return to the blogging world after a break would go like this:

*Parks fancy car in parking spot with my name on it*

*Walks up to fancy building with my blog's name on it*

*Rides elevator to my blog's penthouse office (ya know, located above the baking, crafts, hot glue, glitter, game night and party floors)*

*Visits fancy breakroom for fancy coffee made by a personal blog barista*

*Walks to office that is impeccably designed and removes Out of Office message from blog*

*Ignores the cheering crowd anxiously awaiting my return*

*A hush falls over the crowd as I sit behind my computer screen*

*Clears throat, sips coffee, gulps*

*Starts typing*

I'm SO back, islanders, and ready to report on the weekend happenings.  It's interesting that, when I remove the pressure of having a blog, I instantly feel more productive.  Just thought I'd say thanks for understanding, imaginary friends!  Now, what you've (probably not) been waiting for...


I arrived home (after sitting in traffic for some fire in the middle of the road for like an hour) to help with Darren's party set-up.  I cleaned and set the table for the snacks.  It turned out really nice...  Much nicer than I remember house parties from back in my day!  Munch, Hubbs and I headed out around 9:00 P.M. and our weekend plans completely changed while on the road.  2 words - Big. Storm.  We planned to stay at my parents' home for a night of relaxation and family fun but, with the sudden change in weather, we made it a relaxing weekend.


Our plan was to enjoy a day at the beach but we decided to heed the weather warnings and take it easy.  The day went like this:

Mom and I cooked breakfast.  The family watched a movie.  We all took a nap. 

I made a quick chicken salad for lunch.  We ate and watched a movie.  We all took a nap.
Hubbs and Dad went to the mall while I went shopping for supplies for my Sunday School class.  We ate pizza then our little family headed home.
I forgot to mention that I snuck a trip to Starbucks in around 4PM.  I thought it was no big deal because it was just a sneaky little iced mommy treat. 

BOY, was I wrong!

We got home around 10:00 p.m.  Munch went to bed, Hubbs played video games and I was focused on crafts for God baby's shower.  I started and finished 2 projects that I can't wait to share:

Mobile - shower decor AND for God baby's nursery - Almost done in this pic.
Holder for photo booth props.

My coffee high was going strong until nearly 4:00 a.m., WHY was I surprised when I overslept on Sunday?  IDK.  I didn't wake up in enough time for the 8:30 a.m. warm-ups/rehearsal before singing but I made it to church on time, sang from the congregation and had a great time teaching my "big kid" class.  Despite not singing, I still felt pretty busy for some reason:)

After church, we had a fabulous ladies-of-the-family lunch at Olive Garden where I found an excuse to have amazing powdered donuts for dessert - YUM!  After lunch, I headed to a bridal consultation.  Because I got there a little early, I strolled the aisles of World Market and purchased some fabulous paper for another baby shower project... I also snuck another late afternoon Starbucks treat in (I think I'm addicted and haven't admitted it yet).

From the meeting, I rushed home (yes, rush - caffeine made me rush maybe?)to put the new paper to use on a project.  Can I just admit, I felt kinda fancy when I finished. 

Here's a sneak peek:

A bow holder for the station where guests will create hair bows for God baby.  It will hang in her nursery after the shower! LOVES.
Another awesome weekend down and summer is just getting started... I might be "normal" after all... Well, if it weren't for this humungo hair, maybe I could check the normal box, lol.

Here's hoping your weekend was awesome!

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