Tuesday, July 10, 2012

None of that.

Fireworks? Nope.

Cookouts? Nope.

Matching family tees? Nope.

Crowds of people? Nope.

Our 4th of July was spent without the pressure to make the holiday stressful.  Having the day off in the middle of the week felt like a mid-week Saturday and BOY did we treated it as such.  Hubbs woke up cleaning the master bed/bath while I worked on the main level.  My tasks included cleaning a pile of mastermind baby shower projects in the making.  What can I say? I do my best work sitting on the floor:

Grandma Judy (Hubbs' mom) came into town on the morning of the 4th.  Hubbs and I finished our Saturday routine while she and Munch ran to the store.  Munch returned with a smile and her own receipt.  It was a BIG DEAL:

After Munch's celebration for doing grown-up things, we went for breakfast at Hubbs' new favorite spot (they have an awesome french toast deluxe meal for like $7).  Full of food and family time, we returned to the house where I, keeping with my out-of-cycle Saturday ritual, watered the front yard's plants. NEXT THING I KNEW, Munch had a costume change into her bathing suit and water shoes; it was time for some fun!

I love her Crocs.  I prefer them to the traditional gardening clogs.

Posing for Grandma's camera.

Yes, we play in the water with our bows on, lol.

The fun didn't stop with the water hose, Munch changed and headed out with Grandma Judy and cousin Jayla for a day on the town.  Hubbs' Brother, Uncle Derrick, came by to take the girls to a cookout for some real water fun in a pool!

Without Munch there, the excitement to see fireworks was gone! We became more interested in food and relaxing than in traffic and crowds.  I made my seafood pasta salad (by request), a fruit display and a simple yummy salad while Hubbs grilled hot dogs and hamburgers - our last minute menu was pretty yummy!

The Pick Your Plum free printables made fabulous additions to the drink straws (from Hobby Lobby):

 Hubbs also mixed up a yummy champagne fruit drink-thing in my thrift store pitcher (brand new with tags for $90 and I got it for $.99!!). I just love bargains and I think it made the already yummy drink taste THAT much better!

Thursday, the girls (Grandma Judy, Munchface, dollie and I)went to lunch:

Then headed to the movies to see Disney's Brave.  It was awesome and totally NOT what I expected.  We laughed, we cried, we cheered, we - didn't expect all of that in a Disney PRINCESS movie!

Friday, I spent the day painting the dining room and touching up the high traffic areas (baseboards and walls).  I love a productive paint day and the tune of Judy choking, snoring, drooling snoozing on the sofa "supervising" me was motivation!  Check out the new color here.
Of course when Grandma Judy woke up, we shopped 'til she made me drop.  Then it was back to the house!  We did our seasonal spraying for bugs.  Speaking of hating summer bugs, I HIGHLY recommend Ortho Home Defense.  Home Depot sells them individually for less than $10.  I only used 1/3 of the gallon (that comes with its own sprayer) around my doors and windows (indoors and outdoors) and I already see the difference(and the dead beetles, LOVES)!


I spent Saturday working on some other projects... I'll have a separate post for the pink crib, turquoise nursery and the latest fabulous thrifty finds but I ask that you give me a few days, ok?!

Sunday - CHURCH.  Then shopping with Munch for summer clothes and out-of-season sales.  I was swindled into the newest Build-A-Bear, Minnie.  That's right, we got her.  She's cute.  Really cute.  

What I love most about the bears is how classic and age-appropriate they are!  It melts my heart to see Munch hug them like they are the best things since Bratz dolls (who are NOT allowed in our home, BTW)! ...  MEANWHILE, I'm melting my pockets paying $23 for a teddy bear!


All-in-all, this holiday weekend was productive and packed with good times... Yes, I was busy but I was busy on MY terms with the things I chose to do... Who needs fireworks and cookouts to make it an official 4th of July? Not me!  

I hope over the holiday you took an opportunity to celebrate your never-thought-to-thank-Him-for-that blessings  and to remember those who defend our freedom today and everyday.  

Reflection.  Gratitude. Service.  Celebration.

THAT'S what the 4th is allllll about.  

I was reminded of the many blessings found in my family...and my never-ending to-do list.

How did you spend Independence Day 2012?


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  1. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who wasn't interested in fireworks this year. Too much stress. But we did a have mini-cookout at my mother-in-law's place, it was very laidback, and of course I didn't have to cook anything so it was great! :)

    I love your pictures of "Munch"! :) She is just adorable. Thanks for sharing!


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